Monday, July 20, 2015

Crazy Things!

Wow, what an experience this has been. I am just starting to understand the "work" part of missionary work. I got dropped off like three days ago, right? Wrong. That was like three years ago. The MTC schedule here has us doing so many things, every day feels like weeks. Seriously. Any one of you guys going in soon will realize this.

STUDY: there is a lot of time for study. Out of the 16 hour day, you're studying for about 10. I actually really have enjoyed the spanish classes! They are pretty fun. We have a teacher, Hermano Barfuss, that speaks only spanish to us. I am so grateful for my previous spanish knowledge, because some of the elders in my district don't know any spanish at all.

LIVING: not too bad at all. The bunk bed that me and Elder Trent (my companero) are on doesnt' have a ladder so poop Elder Trent has to hop up there awkwardly every night. There is a big public bathroom with decently clean showers so nothing to complain about there! Here in the MTC the sinks are always sooooo HOT, never cold. And the showers don't get all that warm, whadoyou know? The cafeteria is HUGE with lots of options! And i've only had two bowls of cereal so far. There is a district in our zone that has been here for two weeks and they've all taken us under their wings ha. They are all way nice, they just show us around, helping us get to class and stuff. We have had one gym hour so far, we went and played soccer/kickball with some other elders. The MTC is SO COOL because there are so many elders/sisters that are so nice and we are all learning and together! When I first walked in there was an orange sticker on the name tag and that means you are new. So literally EVERYONE smiles and says "Welcome to the MTC!" Pretty funny hhaha. I got hosted around my first time by none other than Elder Colt Sargent! He and his district were so stoked to see me and were freakin out about Shaylee. Having Shaylee and Morgan at the MTC is really really cool. Hermana Ferrell was just walking around my classroom building one day and I was so excited to see her! I felt like I was cheating because she is my friend from home. But the elders in the other district were all surprised that i knew her, they love her! Morgan you must be a pretty good teacher. Then yesterday, we were all studying in our classroom, and who else walks in but Shaylee! That really was the best thing that's happened all week. Shay you get to see inside my district and meet my companion and roommates and see how we are learning spanish and everything! Around the MTC I've also run into Elder Larsen, Hallows, Johnson, Trenton Wright, Mckay Gordon, Sargent, Sister Cottle, Lazenby, Biesinger, Jones, Hall and Dow! I get to see Elder Dow lots of times every day because we are in the same zone. Oh and GUESS WHO IS IN MY DISTRICT, NAY STAYING IN MY VERY ROOM? Elder Richie Lowe, cool right? So I spend my whole day with him in class and we are with each other all the time. Heber has an AMAZING showing here. Seriously we have so many elders, and sisters. My district always asks me and Elder Lowe how we know everybody. My district is super cool, I think even after a few days we are super tight. We have a big polynesian Elder Wihongi from new zealand with a really cool accent. Ten of us guys, most of us from Utah. My companero, Elder Trent, is a really nice guy. We have a lot in common: both play the piano, both love hiking and rock climbing, and both of us try to be really obedient.Thursday night he got made district leader! So did Elder Dow. So we get to check the mail and stuff. OH marcene sent me the nicest package with candy and a note, she is so awesome. I love that lady. Whit you were right the MTC is the best place on earth. The spanish comes really easily! It is so much fun. We had our first lesson in spanish, with a latino girl named Elizabeth. It was cool because she understood us, and we could understand her (mostly). Our branch presidents name is President Swenson, a really nice guy from midway, who knew? I love the spirit he brought into our first meeting. The whole presidency is three really old, funny guys who laugh out loud and make jokes. Right now I'm doing laundry, mom that yellow soap works miracles. Its easy for everyone to look scary, but get to know them and they're nice. I keep getting that feeling like I look like I'm two years old, and everyone else is 30. The spanish is coming nicely. Already we've learned the basics of conversation, how to pray, how to bear testimony, and lots and lots of gospel vocab. It's amazing what you can do in two days. Normally it would take me two weeks to get the stuff done that I have already. Well gotta finish my laundry and stuff, talk to you later! PS, forward this to whoever you want.

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