Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Marcos Paz

Marcos Paz is a super fun area!

The pench here is HUGE. Just massive. Like 3 times the size of the 4man pench back in Rodríguez. It´s just the two of us in all this space! BUT, all that empty space means it gets nice and chilly, especially at night. I keep the heater right next to my bed, but pretty much in vain.

The area is pretty big. It is split into two now, but used to be one. It has a great mix of ¨cheto¨ (super rich-nice) neighborhoods and dirt road type neighborhoods. Haha there is a street called Maipu, pronounced ¨my poo¨. It´s us and two hermanas. Most days we have member lunches, with the Hermanas! Hma Alvarez from España and Hma Moore from Virginia. I´ve never had as much contact with hmas as I do with these hmas here. Our district rocks! I´m excited to get to know all these missionaries a little better. Also we have Elder Ehlert (Canada) and Elder Wasson (from hawaii and STRAIGHT outta Provo!) Elder Cobb is a super righteous guy from West valley. He is a great guy with great desires to get going here in Marcos Paz!

I got here and just my second day in a new area/new position as district leader I did a baptismal interview. It was awesome! I got to interview a kid named Tomás, he´s got 10 years. It was a very spiritual experience! Tomás gave some super cool insights to the Gospel. Something I loved about it was how easy it was to just chat with him and help with feel the spirit and comfortable and stuff. His baptismal service was great.

It has been fun to learn from the Lord. I love the scriptures! I love learning and feasting on them..something I wasnt great at before the mish.

No time, but love you gotta go!

Elder Wilcox

Baptizing Heber (from Jun 21)

Hello friends and fellow disciples of Christ,

What a week! Well, I am out of G. Rod. now! BUT, I tried my very best to leave the area in a good situation. It was a good transfer, Elder Siale and I worked hard!

We now have an investigator that is gettting baptized this saturday, his name is Heber. Anybody get confused with the email subject? ha they always thought it was funny that my city is named Heber too. He is nine and his family is less active but are going to church now and doing GREAT! The wife still is not baptized, they need to get married. But they went to stake conference on sunday and they are all really excited about getting active again. Heber´s little sister is turning nine next month and also getting baptized. In fact, there are a LOT of kids from 9-15 that are super ready for baptism this coming transfer. What we are working on is getting their family active, what I have seen is if the 9 year old gets baptized in an inactive family, they won´t be active either.

I am now a transferred man. Transfer calls came, and I am OUT of General Rodríguez, and into another zone/area called Marcos Paz. I couldn´t do my emails yesterday, it was a flag day (holiday they have literally every month) and everything was closed. Marcos Paz looks like fun. For the short time I was in transfers, I heard it was awesome! I´m stoked. I also got called as the district leader out here. That will be fun to grow from that! I am stoked to help raise up the work here in Marcos Paz!

My new comp´s name is Elder Cobb. Don´t really know him yet, but he is from Utah! West Valley. So that should be cool. I´ve never had a comp from utah yet.
Elder Cobb told me the ward is somewhat struggling but that is ok because we are gonna turn this place AROUND! We already decided (me and Elder Siale together) that this first week is gonna be fecha (baptismal date) week. Then we will prepare them for the transfer. And lots and lots of retention. Something I really started seeing is that the members are key. When we use members, SOO many more prepared people are found. The fruits are reaped faster, and makes for more effecient work in the ¨field ready to harvest¨.

I will sure miss Elder Siale. He was awesome. He was a good missionary who always strives to improve. I have many memories with him among which include frequent body noises and p-day jenga tournaments.

I love this work! Let´s be happy people! ¨A cheerful heart doeth the soul like a medicine.¨ The Lord is in the details! Let´s obey! What more can he say than to you he hath said?

Love from Elder Lincoln (new pronunciation of the week)

sorry, no pics today

Monday, June 13, 2016

Ola Polar

OK. Anyway, enough of that zoo rubbish. Let´s report on our week of working, much more important.

SO, this week we passed through an ola polar, or in english words, IT WAS COLD MAN. I went on divisions to Francisco Alvarez again, with the Elder Moreno (GREAT guy, he is from Mendoza, Arg and is 26 years old!) We biked around that whole day, and it was chillly.

This week we had some crazy things happen. Poor Elder Healey got super sick, and was on his death bed for a few days. So we had to do some emergency divisions for some stuff. I went with Elder Aguirre and helped out with the baptism they had on Saturday! A super nice señora named margarita. There were some major complications (the door was locked to the font, and we improvised big time with wood scraps found on the ground to get it) but it ended up being a wonderful service.

On Tuesday we were in Luján almost the whole day, getting training from the asistentes and President Robertson. They were awesome. We talked a LOT about the importance of GOAL SETTING. We must fight, but really fight, to get our goals. People say too much that people aren´t numbers. That is completely true. BUT, if we don´t have down goals, those PEOPLE will never progress towards baptism! We invite....with lots of love. Then, on the bus ride home, I received what I got as pretty strong and clear personal revelation. I was thinking about my mom, BrenDawg, and something she had said in a letter. But then, crystal clear, I understood I need to be a missionary like my parents were. I guess I´m just saying I´m so so so eternally grateful for awesome parents who do so much for me and are eternal examples of living Gospel and Christ centered lives. While working this week, I thought specifically of what my Dad or BrenDawg might do in certain situations. Thank you for strengthening me! My patriarchal blessing also shed some more light on the subject.

Also, Michael Watkins had some good advice. I´m probably the ONLY priesthood holder many have ever MET. And should be preaching appropriately.

Love this work! I´m so ridiculously imperfect and weak, but I think with fasting and prayer, just about anything is possible.

Elder Wilcox

Pic:love the letters, I LOVE YOU MOM.
Pic:Me at the baptism in E Healeys place.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Wamby Pamby Porteño Wagon

Hello Broshkums,

Only Bradley Jay Waddoups will fully appreciate the term Wamby Pamby Wagon! But I will tell that story in a minute.

What a week we have had! I have learned some things. Like every week.

This week was really good! We are seeing progress in some, and struggles in others. Marina, the one who last week gave us all of her cigarettes, COMPLETELY stopped smoking! She did incredible. We had given her a little slip of paper to hang up somewhere she would see it everyday. It had some scriptures, some tips and hints (DO NOT BUY CIGARETTES), and of course she must pray daily. She said the LDM really helped her, and she was praying a lot. She didn´t show up to church though...again. Frustrating because the only reason she says she doesn´t come is to protect her house from theives! She lives in a purely wood house. Like plywood and nails and that´s it. She is missing some bars on the window, and for THAT she doesn´t come! But she is well on her way for her fecha of 25 de junio. She was kind of blown away when we helped her see that she now totally has a testimony! ¨Marina, YOU now can bear testimony of the book of mormon, just like us!¨ It was great.

We printed out some pictures of Guillermina (recent convert of ours) and gave them to her with a note on the back. She lit up like a garbage fire in the street. She was so happy! She is just the sweetest Gma, I´m glad she is enjoying her life in the restored Gospel!

This week I did divisions with Elder Slater. He was AP for a lot of time, and now he is our district leader. He is a capo. Went to Harvard, ran xc, and is super great missionary. He is also very serious kinda guy. On the division, we locked up our bikes at a house. Then when we left, the key broke inside the lock and we couldn´t leave! Well, the only extra key was at our pench, like four miles away! The investigator offered to take us in his car, his WAMBY PAMBY WAGON! We stopped about four times so he could adjust his tire by hand. AND we were driving on the ¨winter quarters¨ crazy muddy type roads. The whole time he was singing to his loud loud radio like a crazy man. I could tell Elder Slater was pretty uncomfortable. Haha a really funny moment!

I learned so much this week! WE have to let people know the importance of this GOSPEL. They HAVE to read and pray and attend, otherwise they will NOT get the blessings!

TODAY is Elder Siale´s birthday! ¨By the way Harry, happy birthday.¨ Today we are going back to the ZOO LUJÁN!

love from Elder Wilcox
¨Be the missionary your MOTHER thinks you are.¨ ----Hermana Bednar.

Pics: The family Rodríguez made us birthday cake. Wilcox, Siale. And kind of an ugly picture with the cute little daughter of Adriana y Hector.