Monday, June 13, 2016

Ola Polar

OK. Anyway, enough of that zoo rubbish. Let´s report on our week of working, much more important.

SO, this week we passed through an ola polar, or in english words, IT WAS COLD MAN. I went on divisions to Francisco Alvarez again, with the Elder Moreno (GREAT guy, he is from Mendoza, Arg and is 26 years old!) We biked around that whole day, and it was chillly.

This week we had some crazy things happen. Poor Elder Healey got super sick, and was on his death bed for a few days. So we had to do some emergency divisions for some stuff. I went with Elder Aguirre and helped out with the baptism they had on Saturday! A super nice señora named margarita. There were some major complications (the door was locked to the font, and we improvised big time with wood scraps found on the ground to get it) but it ended up being a wonderful service.

On Tuesday we were in Luján almost the whole day, getting training from the asistentes and President Robertson. They were awesome. We talked a LOT about the importance of GOAL SETTING. We must fight, but really fight, to get our goals. People say too much that people aren´t numbers. That is completely true. BUT, if we don´t have down goals, those PEOPLE will never progress towards baptism! We invite....with lots of love. Then, on the bus ride home, I received what I got as pretty strong and clear personal revelation. I was thinking about my mom, BrenDawg, and something she had said in a letter. But then, crystal clear, I understood I need to be a missionary like my parents were. I guess I´m just saying I´m so so so eternally grateful for awesome parents who do so much for me and are eternal examples of living Gospel and Christ centered lives. While working this week, I thought specifically of what my Dad or BrenDawg might do in certain situations. Thank you for strengthening me! My patriarchal blessing also shed some more light on the subject.

Also, Michael Watkins had some good advice. I´m probably the ONLY priesthood holder many have ever MET. And should be preaching appropriately.

Love this work! I´m so ridiculously imperfect and weak, but I think with fasting and prayer, just about anything is possible.

Elder Wilcox

Pic:love the letters, I LOVE YOU MOM.
Pic:Me at the baptism in E Healeys place.

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