Monday, June 6, 2016

Wamby Pamby Porteño Wagon

Hello Broshkums,

Only Bradley Jay Waddoups will fully appreciate the term Wamby Pamby Wagon! But I will tell that story in a minute.

What a week we have had! I have learned some things. Like every week.

This week was really good! We are seeing progress in some, and struggles in others. Marina, the one who last week gave us all of her cigarettes, COMPLETELY stopped smoking! She did incredible. We had given her a little slip of paper to hang up somewhere she would see it everyday. It had some scriptures, some tips and hints (DO NOT BUY CIGARETTES), and of course she must pray daily. She said the LDM really helped her, and she was praying a lot. She didn´t show up to church though...again. Frustrating because the only reason she says she doesn´t come is to protect her house from theives! She lives in a purely wood house. Like plywood and nails and that´s it. She is missing some bars on the window, and for THAT she doesn´t come! But she is well on her way for her fecha of 25 de junio. She was kind of blown away when we helped her see that she now totally has a testimony! ¨Marina, YOU now can bear testimony of the book of mormon, just like us!¨ It was great.

We printed out some pictures of Guillermina (recent convert of ours) and gave them to her with a note on the back. She lit up like a garbage fire in the street. She was so happy! She is just the sweetest Gma, I´m glad she is enjoying her life in the restored Gospel!

This week I did divisions with Elder Slater. He was AP for a lot of time, and now he is our district leader. He is a capo. Went to Harvard, ran xc, and is super great missionary. He is also very serious kinda guy. On the division, we locked up our bikes at a house. Then when we left, the key broke inside the lock and we couldn´t leave! Well, the only extra key was at our pench, like four miles away! The investigator offered to take us in his car, his WAMBY PAMBY WAGON! We stopped about four times so he could adjust his tire by hand. AND we were driving on the ¨winter quarters¨ crazy muddy type roads. The whole time he was singing to his loud loud radio like a crazy man. I could tell Elder Slater was pretty uncomfortable. Haha a really funny moment!

I learned so much this week! WE have to let people know the importance of this GOSPEL. They HAVE to read and pray and attend, otherwise they will NOT get the blessings!

TODAY is Elder Siale´s birthday! ¨By the way Harry, happy birthday.¨ Today we are going back to the ZOO LUJÁN!

love from Elder Wilcox
¨Be the missionary your MOTHER thinks you are.¨ ----Hermana Bednar.

Pics: The family Rodríguez made us birthday cake. Wilcox, Siale. And kind of an ugly picture with the cute little daughter of Adriana y Hector.

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