Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Marcos Paz

Marcos Paz is a super fun area!

The pench here is HUGE. Just massive. Like 3 times the size of the 4man pench back in Rodríguez. It´s just the two of us in all this space! BUT, all that empty space means it gets nice and chilly, especially at night. I keep the heater right next to my bed, but pretty much in vain.

The area is pretty big. It is split into two now, but used to be one. It has a great mix of ¨cheto¨ (super rich-nice) neighborhoods and dirt road type neighborhoods. Haha there is a street called Maipu, pronounced ¨my poo¨. It´s us and two hermanas. Most days we have member lunches, with the Hermanas! Hma Alvarez from España and Hma Moore from Virginia. I´ve never had as much contact with hmas as I do with these hmas here. Our district rocks! I´m excited to get to know all these missionaries a little better. Also we have Elder Ehlert (Canada) and Elder Wasson (from hawaii and STRAIGHT outta Provo!) Elder Cobb is a super righteous guy from West valley. He is a great guy with great desires to get going here in Marcos Paz!

I got here and just my second day in a new area/new position as district leader I did a baptismal interview. It was awesome! I got to interview a kid named Tomás, he´s got 10 years. It was a very spiritual experience! Tomás gave some super cool insights to the Gospel. Something I loved about it was how easy it was to just chat with him and help with feel the spirit and comfortable and stuff. His baptismal service was great.

It has been fun to learn from the Lord. I love the scriptures! I love learning and feasting on them..something I wasnt great at before the mish.

No time, but love you gotta go!

Elder Wilcox

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