Monday, August 1, 2016

Freedom Day! (letter from July 4, 2016)

¨YES! I´m a man who comes from other countries. YES! I´m a foreigner as you can seeee....¨ (anyone who can name that quote gets ten Parker Points.) (also I´m so used to being called Elder even writing my own first name is weird.)

Anyway, have a fantastic 4th of July everybody! I hope all you northern hemisphere-ers enjoy the heat! But I am basking in the cold glory I never got at christmas time, so I don´t complain.

This week we saw many many miracles. God had prepared some people to recieve us and we had wonderful experiences teaching them. Something that I´ve heard before, but didn´t stick with me until my mom wrote it to me is that there are no accidents in missionary work. 3 of the people we met my first week contacting now have baptismal dates! I just want so bad for these people to read-pray-attend and see the difference that brings the Gospel. Their names are Esteban y Evelín (the son and girlfriend of another investigator) and Lisandro. Lisandro was almost jaw-droppingly ready it was awesome. He´s MARRIED. Absolutely no one gets married. Nobody. And he´s a really friendly Bolivian. I don´t know about you guys, but I love love Bolivians. Every Bolivian I have ever met is awesome. The problems.....he´s hard to find, and his wife wants nothing from us. That is ok! We´ll keep going anyway.

This weekend, I cannot lie was quite difficult. It has been raining so so so much. My bike broke, and we never got a chance to fix it. So walking around literal lakes was our activity. Because it was also hard to make appointments with the rain, haha nobody wants to accept a soaking wet missionary in the rain! But that´s why I´m here to testify of the reality of the Lord´s knowledge of all that we do. Just as Mr. John Moss regularly said, ¨We all have our little jobs, and if we ALL do our little efforts well, everything comes together.¨ If not, everything doesn´t come together. There is so much power in going outside of what you usually do to make a difference. There God sees you are willing to really be an instrument. Yes, God will get his work done with or without us. But why not with us?

This week, Elder Cobb crashed his bike on Maipu. hahahahahah😏

Happy 4th to all, and to all a good winter!

Elder Wilcox
PS. MOM YOUR LETTER WITH THE MAC N CHEESE PACKET CAME. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I will eat that in your honor, and in honor of sweet American justice.

Pic: Flag en the agenda. Brought to you courtesy of the red, white, and blue.
Pic: We call this ¨creepy railroad way¨. Those dots are only because of the insane fog.

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