Saturday, August 27, 2016

Plancentero, Oh what a Joy! (Aug 15)

What a wonderful world! I don´t know if everyone knows this, but in the spanish hymns, there is one called ¨Placentero nos es trabajar¨ (no. 88) great hymn! One of the missionaries favorites. The first line roughly translated is ¨Oh it´s a joy for us to work in the vineyard of the great king Jesus!¨ Well I want to raise my voice and let the world know I ain´t quiting any time soon, and truly it is a joy.

Something that my good old uncle Boyd sent me once is ¨even though the roots of service are sometimes bitter, the fruits are always sweet¨. We are working hard here, and it´s hard to see sometimes that investigators aren´t quite confident enough in themselves to get baptized. Or they have trouble accepting the restored gospel through Jose Smith. Or they just have so much to fix in their lives that they get discouraged and stop. (all of those are people in our area right now). There is hope and love and good things ahead in the atonement of Jesus Christ. I know and testify of that! If we do all that we can (develop faith, repent, be baptized, follow the spirit, and endure to the end), then there is no reason to worry EVER. We can be happy and buoyant and ready to face the next obstacle.

Well I am out of time, and still have foto issues. Sorry BrenDawg!

Elder Wilcox

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