Monday, August 8, 2016

Welcome to Arg

Well, I will be somewhat hurried writing this email, I am almost out of time. But, this week we welcomed a brand new Elder into the mission world! 6 pounds, 5 ounces. And just a little more. His name is Elder Rigsby and is from Ohio. He is a capo! Ready to learn and ready to work. In mission lingo, he is my hijo (son) and I am his papi. That lingo has WAY more truth to it than you know. He is doing good adjusting though. Poor guy didn´t expect the cold winter, he had NO jacket whatsoever except for a suit jacket. We had to get him that and some other stuff. This first week is finally over and questions like ¨What´s this?¨--¨That´s a bidet. No toilet paper.¨ aren´t being asked any more.

We are loving adjusting though! Arg sure is different, but he is doing awesome. He really wants success and is prepared to work for it! He has a lot to work on as far as spanish goes, but I am learning a lot about the gift of tongues, how iit is a SPIRITUAL gift, even more than suddenly having spanish flowing out of your mouth.

For example, just yesterday(!) we practiced a lot in the morning the baptismal information. We later taught a PF family, who the mamá is active in the church but NOT baptized, she almost refuses and claims she is Catholic. BUT, I looked at Elder Rigsby in the moment we had discussed, he invited her to be baptized. She then told us what she has never told anyone! How her family was very catholic and would be offended if she changed. She said she said she goes in and out of having desires to be baptized. We then talked with her towards working toward baptism, and how if she bears testimony to her family, then they would change their minds. In my mind, I was like ¨Capo Elder Rigsby!¨ Good learning moment.

Some things surprise him that make me laugh, things I dont think about anymore. Such as lots of dogs, and I was sleep talking in spanish. We had a meeting with our ward mission leader, and I had a flash back to Van Nuys, California where a skinnier new Elder (me) didn´t understand a thing. Elder Rigsby is awesome!

Quick MIRACLE. The less active man I wrote about last week came to church ¨for the first time in forever!¨ AND bore his testimony, and talked about the visit we had with him, made him think a lot! First testimony given in 25 years, he said! MIRACLES happen once in a while!

Lots of love,

Elder Wilcox

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