Saturday, August 27, 2016

Holiness to the Lord (Aug 22)

Okeeeee. If I´ve ever had a crazy week it´s been this one. Let´s go.

First, Happy Anniversary to two of the biggest buckwalkin´ weirdos out there! BrenDawg and Travis, happy 25th, may you have many more. *starts the anniversary song from the movie ¨haunted mansion¨* ☝👆

MONDAY: we played a bomb game of futbol at our church here in Marcos Paz! We had more investigators than members!! It was so much fun. Pablo, a progressing investigator (but has trouble with José Smith and the restoration) thought it would be the best way to get his sons out to the church, and it was! We shared a scripture, and had a great time! All of my soccer friends from wasatch better watch out.....

TUESDAY: we had divisions with the zone leaders in their area called Mariano Acosta. They are AWESOME! Really focused, go get ´em Elders. They switched district leader/zone leader divisions to where all four of us work in their area for the day. I was with Elder Oyola, from Mendoza, Arg. He is a total capo! One thing I learned with him is that we can´t be afraid to invite. Invite, invite, invite. It´s part of our purpose.

WEDNESDAY: We got cut somewhat short, we had to go to Marcos Paz 2 and do a baptismal interview. I don´t usually like getting interruptions with the work, but hey, baptismal interviews are definitely worth it! The boy´s name is Lautaro. Poor guy was somewhat nervous, and will be getting baptized soon! All he needs is a good strong knowledge of the restoration and of the Book of Mormon! Those things are KEY. I know that the Book of Mormon will give us pure, un-changing doctrine that we can rely on. ¨A study of the gospel doctrine will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior.¨ How profound is that??

THURSDAY: I think I forgot to mention last week of our planned TEMPLE TRIP. WE ACTUALLY WENT. I still am energized by that holy place! Just the thought. I will never take living in Utah for granted. Saints in Utah, you had better GO and serve the Lord and others in the Temple. It was our first trip since christmas, about 8 months. It was fantastic, and really cool in spanish. I have grown I think, didn´t have any trouble with the temple spanish.

FRIDAY: We had a sweet movie night at the end of the day. Graciela came, and she is still feeling swell and ready for her baptism date! She has trouble with the thought of leaving the catholic church, but the Spirit of the Lord has taught her well. Line upon line, for years now! She´s ready. Also, Elder Rigsby is a SUPER powerful missionary. He teaches with the spirit, not with his head. He is very focused and impresses all with his scriptural knowledge.

Then the weekend ended with us finding the most beautiful family ever! Also another man who could potentially be a great member.....Miracles happen all the time. I love the mission and the changes the Lord has wrought in me, and is wrought-ing in me! My eyes have been eternally opened, and will never close.

con cariño,

Elder Wilcox

Elder Rigsby and me - 1st Pres. Photo - haha
Me with elder cobb

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