Monday, August 1, 2016

I love the mission (letter from July 25, 2016)

Weekly culture comment: Here, as a term of endearment, people call their spouse ¨gordo¨ or ¨gorda¨ which is pretty much ¨fatty¨.

This coming week will be the last of the transfer! Wow. Time moves so fast when you´re spreading the word.

This week was a good one! I really truly believe that people are prepared to hear the word of God. God is a God of preparation. He makes everything happen. I love love love what has been said that ¨there are NO coincedences in missionary work.¨ Yesterday, we were riding along and a guy asked us if we were the police. We stopped to talk, kinda chuckled and told him no we are not the police. We are missionaries. He immediately started speaking quite fluent english to us, it was very surprising! He told us how he lived in New York for about 5 years. He was THERE the day of 9/11. His name is Ignacio. He said it traumatized him a lot. He eventually got sick of all the conflict and war and trouble after a few years and came back down to Arg. He left a lot behind! He almost got married to his girlfriend in NY, but decided to leave. He wanted peace in his life, and found it back in Marcos Paz. He said it´s not as nice as NY, dirt roads, cheap brick houses and whatnot. But it´s better to not have conflict. Great guy! We introduced the Book of Mormon, and he was very interested. Said he had seen it, and knew about it, but had never read it and wants to! He invited us in, where another friend of his Rodrigo was visiting. We were able to teach them about the restored Gospel, and they both accepted the invitation to be baptized! So awesome! I love missionary work.

This week we had zone trainings/interviews with President. Man, if I could I would interview with that man every day. He´s just so awesome! I love the help he gives all of us. Our PURPOSE is to help others come unto Christ by accepting the restored Gospel. Some have a realllllly hard time accepting the LDM. But the book (and the prophet, the church, the commandments) is the way established BY HIM to accept Him! ¨There is NO OTHER way.¨ (or something like that) 2 Nefi 31:21.

Anyway. Sorry BrenDawg, but the computer is having a rough time loading pictures today. Poor thing.

Have a great week! I might write more later, but a story that really helped me this week was Helamán 5:40-43. God helps us out, WHATEVER our cloud of darkness may be!

sending love from Elder Wilcox

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