Monday, August 1, 2016

Feliz 9 de Julio (letter from July 11, 2016)

This week was 9 de Julio! The good old Argentino independence day. They don´t take it quite as serious as they do in the US of A but it was fun to see it.

This week I want to talk about just some small things. Little things that happened that would seem so not important, it´s a good thing the scriptures teach us to despise not the gifts of God, and of the Spirit.....or they would´ve passed me by!

We had a rockin 9 de Julio party in the ward. Ever since I got here a few weeks ago (and before) we had been inviting people to this party. It was a big success! TONS of empanadas were made. They are amazing. It is like a big dumpling or potsticker but filled with carne or chicken and I love them. We had some dancers perform from the ward, and fun argentino gaucho clothing to take pictures with. Anyway. We had some investigators come! Pablo, a great guy that is single, about 55 years old. His son Esteban and his wife Evelín came. I think the person I was most excited to see was a woman named Thamara. We met her just knocking doors the other week. She is a less active member, but like alllllll of her life. Baptized young, and then forgot. She seemed real sad when we met her. But the party brought this peace to her countenance. She smiled the whole time, and chatted with everyone. Afterwards, we set a family home evening with her and another family. She told us she was super content, and happy that she came. She just said something like ¨Interesting, isn´t it? You didn´t even know I was a member when you came to the door.¨ Wow. Miracle. This is the work of the Lord for sure.

We taught a lesson with a young couple this week. Brenda y Nicolas. They were very interested. At the very beginning, I read with him 2 Nefi 2:11 in answer to some things he had said. Immediately, he asked where he can get one of these books. The book anwers questions of the soul! Also, at the end Brenda said that we had a wonderful peace with us. A powerful peace. We explained that is the Spirit. And that she needs to follow it.

Pablo is a great great investigator but has crazy doubts about Joseph Smith, and the LDM. He always convinces himself they are fake. But we are trying to help him see how much changes there are in his life becuase of the church and it´s teachings of the Gospel. That way, he can bear testimony to his kids. He bore the sweetest little prayer about his kids, and how he doesn´t want them to be in sin. It reminded me of Nephi, ¨Awake my soul! No longer droop in sin!!!!!!¨

It was a wonderful week. Here´s to many more! This week I will hit the year mark. I used to think of that point in time, as a hurtle, like a point to say ¨Half way! Almost done!¨ But now I am realizing that I only have one more year to do this work that God has for me, and that is a very limited period of time. I am not here to maintain the work, I am here to hasten the work!

Elder Wilcox

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