Monday, August 1, 2016

The Elect (letter from July 18, 2016)


I don´t usually do this, but let´s just talk about saturday, since it was the most AMAZING day ever. God really truly does prepare the hearts of the people! There are many of the elect (or we call them ¨elegidos¨) just waiting to be saved!

I dont have much time. BUT. Saturday was just so awesome. We had taught a guy/girlfriend Nico y Brenda last week. We went back, and Nico had read and remembered EVERYTHING perfectly. We also taught his brother Franco, who came to church the very next day! It was awesome! They will definitely be baptized sometime soon.

We also went to teach one of our progressing investigators, Evelín, who has a boyfriend Esteban that we are also teaching. They are awesome, but they are juntado, and for that they don´t have a baptismal date. Well, we went to see them, but turns out they are separated now. That was unexpected, and obviously a shock for us. They separated for some unfaithfulness and drug problems on Esteban´s part. But Evelín was literally filled with the spirit. She didn´t cry, she was calm. She was SOO shining with some Gospel light, seriously. She told us how she wants to live all the commandments and be baptized. She hasn´t even been to church yet! But she is completely converted to the restored Gospel through the book of Mormon. We explained to her that she could be baptized, if they really are committed to stay apart, and then one day get married and start a family in the Gospel. Next best thing: our district is realllllly focusing on working with members. In fact, besides baptism goals, we just have goals for lessons with members present. Agustín, a CAPO 11 year old recent convert passed by on his bike. We asked if he could sit with us for about 15 minutes and share a thought. We committed Evelín to baptism, and Agustín was able to bear powerful testimony! It was great. Just so many more miracles that day.

I gave a talk yesterday in church. Talked about Christ-like examples in my life. One that came to mind was a certain Lincoln Rasband. He died right around the time of my baptism, but a few days after, I recieved a letter from him in the mail, bearing his testimony and cheering my on. I will always have that in my heart.

So, I made the mac n cheese mom! It rocked. Sorry I forgot my camera, I´ll send a picture next week.

Keep on keeping on! Hurrah for Israel.

Elder Wilcox

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