Monday, August 29, 2016

FLASH! Ahhhhhh...

Soooooo. Lots of surprises. I feel like I say that a lot. But that´s the mission, I guess. We worked our tails off this week! There is so much going on in Marcos Paz 1A. SOO happy to be here! I actually won´t be here anymore though....saturday night President Robertson called me informing me of a ¨flash¨(unexpected change). Elder Oscariz Choi is going home early for school, and I will be replacing him as zone leader in Ramos Mejía, the zone I was ¨born¨ in! Should be a fat challenge and learning opportunity!

I realized that in recent letters home I have not talked much about my investigators. I hope that doesn´t take away from how I feel about them. They are the Lord´s elected. HE prepared THEM for this time and what they going through right now to be able to learn and accept the truth of the ¨Lord´s kingdom once again established on the earth.¨ Truly merciful and incredible when you think about it. And when I say incredible, I mean ¡completely credible! God deserves the credit. 😉

GRACIELA. Is a truly devoted woman. Devoted to God. Her daughter and husband are members, but she has been ¨Catholic¨for years. She is basically an active member of the ward though! She goes to activities and our english class and everything. Well, we´ve had some long talks in these past weeks and she is ready and willing now to accept baptism. She got interviewed and is getting baptized on saturday! She and her family were begging me to beg President to let me come back here on saturday to baptize her. We´ll see......

I ain´t got much time, I´ll write about other people later! I am NOT happy to be separated from my mission son, Elder RIGSBY! He is SUCH a capo! He is seriously incredible, and I´m grateful he is the kind and I can work with, AND laugh with. He is a hard worker and willl have a mission of gold.

WE are the messengers of GOD. These are His truths, and they will lead to eternal life. You might call us the Proclaimers. *and ay would bike five hundred mayuls, and ay would bike five hundred mo, just to be the mahn who bikes five thooosand mayuls to come and knock yo door*

Love you allll. God bless you, every one.

Elder Wilcox

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