Tuesday, September 13, 2016

La Tablada (Sep 5)

Every week I sit down to email and my head is so full of things, it´s quite difficult to condense it all down into a readable email...

La Tablada is such a great area! The pench is very ¨cheto¨, it´s clean and small but perfect for the two of us. ¨Itty bitty living space.¨ This is the zone of Ramos Mejía, a very city-ish zone. Lots of people. In our entire area, there are only TWO dirt roads! So cool! And I am now off the bike and back onto the foot, so am pretty excited about that. My companion is a total capo! Elder Ortolano, he is from Brasil but moved to Canada when he was little, and speaks like a North American. He went to BYU Idaho. We are doing awesome together! We are ready to get cooking in this zone, and help everyone else to do the same! One great challenge is that of President Robertson. ¨A good leader has other people´s confidence. A great leader helps others have confidence in themselves.¨ So we are trying to help the missionaries here see their TRUE potential. I was kinda bummed to be gone for Graciela´s baptism in Marcos Paz, but we had one here too, on saturday!

Her name is Milagros, which being interpreted, is Miracles. She is a 14 year old girl, very very very impressive for her age. We are also preparing her other siblings for baptism as well. I am so glad for this gospel, and how happy it makes other people! We came to fill up the font, but the water, apparently, was getting old in the tank! We couldn´t do anything about it, so we just had the baptism in pretty yellow water. I couldn´t help but congradulate Milagros after. ¨Congrates, urine the church now!¨

Lots of crazy things happened this week. We were out working and were inside one the area´s ¨villa¨s. A villa is very tight nit, condensed neighborhood I guess you could call it, with everything being made out of wood or concrete. We had a man come up to us and ask, ever so politely, for our cellular phone. Granted, he was pointing a gun at us. But he eventually let us go. Poor guy. He needs the dispensation of the fulness of times.

President Uchtdorf said something I love. That the scriptures and words of modern prophets form an ¨effective mirror¨ with which we can compare our lives. It goes well with it´s 80´s pop companion. ¨If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change.¨ Not only would Uchtdorf and Michael Jackson have been great mission comps, but these principles are true. It´s about being humble. Let us not be slothful for the easiness of it (Alma 37:46), truly it is a very straight and plain road (2 Nefi 4:32) that leads to eternal bliss (Alma 37:46).

Love you all! Have a great week.

Elder Wilcox

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