Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Aumentar (Sep 12)

This week was fantastic. I would like to have everyone know that, cuz I ain´t got much time to describe it all!

This week was the sixth (and last) week of the transfer. What wise Presidente Robertson has noticed lately is that generally our numbers drop the sixth week for whatever reason. So we, as companions, work hard at making goals and then plans on the fifth week so the sixth week can shine. We worked our tails off and had a great week together! It was awesome!

We are hard at work thinking and praying for our zone. We believe it really just takes a step of faith, and a little more confidence in the Lord to make miracles happen! I can´t believe that God thinks that his leaders are better, so why don´t we think like that? We are still waiting for the reply to see if Elder Salas (an area 70!!!) might be able to come and talk to us. We think he will also be able to help a lot.

We also did divisions with the assistants this week! They are awesome! I worked with Elder Bullock, from PG, Utah. He is a capo. Probably the best example I have ever seen of actually talking to everybody! He gave me a couple tips here and there to be able to contact better! It was awesome. We were even able to set a couple of baptismal dates! He is inspiring for sure.

Well, like I said. Time is short. The field is white. And the laborers are few. BE A LABORER. I wish we could have better ¨inner-faith¨ relationships. We see people out also preaching of God, and many of their mindset seems to be ¨oh you´re mormon? Well that does put a damper on our relationship.¨ sad.

I love an email and maybe a picture from anyone at all, if anyone was wondering.

Have a fantastic week!

Alma 26:22

Elder Wilcox

also, pictures still are rough coming. I ain´t got no ipad 😁

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