Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Baptizing Heber (from Jun 21)

Hello friends and fellow disciples of Christ,

What a week! Well, I am out of G. Rod. now! BUT, I tried my very best to leave the area in a good situation. It was a good transfer, Elder Siale and I worked hard!

We now have an investigator that is gettting baptized this saturday, his name is Heber. Anybody get confused with the email subject? ha they always thought it was funny that my city is named Heber too. He is nine and his family is less active but are going to church now and doing GREAT! The wife still is not baptized, they need to get married. But they went to stake conference on sunday and they are all really excited about getting active again. Heber´s little sister is turning nine next month and also getting baptized. In fact, there are a LOT of kids from 9-15 that are super ready for baptism this coming transfer. What we are working on is getting their family active, what I have seen is if the 9 year old gets baptized in an inactive family, they won´t be active either.

I am now a transferred man. Transfer calls came, and I am OUT of General Rodríguez, and into another zone/area called Marcos Paz. I couldn´t do my emails yesterday, it was a flag day (holiday they have literally every month) and everything was closed. Marcos Paz looks like fun. For the short time I was in transfers, I heard it was awesome! I´m stoked. I also got called as the district leader out here. That will be fun to grow from that! I am stoked to help raise up the work here in Marcos Paz!

My new comp´s name is Elder Cobb. Don´t really know him yet, but he is from Utah! West Valley. So that should be cool. I´ve never had a comp from utah yet.
Elder Cobb told me the ward is somewhat struggling but that is ok because we are gonna turn this place AROUND! We already decided (me and Elder Siale together) that this first week is gonna be fecha (baptismal date) week. Then we will prepare them for the transfer. And lots and lots of retention. Something I really started seeing is that the members are key. When we use members, SOO many more prepared people are found. The fruits are reaped faster, and makes for more effecient work in the ¨field ready to harvest¨.

I will sure miss Elder Siale. He was awesome. He was a good missionary who always strives to improve. I have many memories with him among which include frequent body noises and p-day jenga tournaments.

I love this work! Let´s be happy people! ¨A cheerful heart doeth the soul like a medicine.¨ The Lord is in the details! Let´s obey! What more can he say than to you he hath said?

Love from Elder Lincoln (new pronunciation of the week)

sorry, no pics today

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