Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We got the cigs

This week was great! Ain´t got much time, but wanted to tell all that being a missionary is pretty sweet. I go by the words of my Aunt Marci, ¨DON¨T WISH IT AWAY.¨ That is true for the mission, and for just about any period in our lives.

People change. That is the message of the Gospel! Along with others. We were teaching Marina this week, a progressing investigadora. She rocks! But has a massive addiction to cigarettes. She wants to quit super bad. We kinda half suggested that we could take the cigarettes with us so she wouldn´t be tempted. She immediately got up and gave us the cigarettes, about four packs! It was awesome seeing that change and willingness to FOLLOW CHRIST. God will not forsake us.

We also found out that A and H are not married. So....we´re gonna be working on that. I think the commandment most horrible when broken is the law of chastity. It´s sad.

Anyway. Twas a good week. Happy Birfday to Jaren Wilcox tomorrow! I think about 50 times on my birthday Elder Siale said as Ronald Weasley, ¨By the way Harry, happy birthday.¨ Ha.

Elder Wilcox

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