Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How firm a...pair of legs (from May 23)

Good day,

This week I went on a nice run with my pal Elder Healey. Also in the mornings we tried to convince ourselves it was time for a ¨leg day¨. And on top of the biking I have for sure been feeling the soreness building up jaja. ¨Let the lower calves be burning.¨

I am learning more and more about being a good missionary. Me and Elder Siale have been having a ton of success finding people through the members, because they are the path to baptisms. Referencias, or member present lessons, or various things of the area book. BUT we did somewhat forget for 2ish weeks there that it is STILL very important to be contacting and talking with everyone! We kinda stepped back and realized we weren´t doing it nearly as much as we should. Immediately upon starting again, we found that there are so many people that God planted long ago and need to be taught again! The field is white.

Alma 34:32. We did some serious thought/study this week about our purpose in life. Simply put, we are to prepare to meet God. But because God made all of this so that we can return to live in his kingdom, but also to realize our divine potential! We are seeing so much progress in an investigator, Adriana. It is incredible to watch! She wants to get baptized. But she said once, she´s not gonna be a classic ¨mormona¨ and go to church all the time and be nerdy in a sense. I have thought about that a lot. Well, here is my partial answer. We do not go to church, nor live in a family, nor anything else we do...just to make things ¨run smoother¨. Like Pres Uchtdorf said, they are the ORDER of Heaven. The commandments exist to protect us from things outside of our mortal sight! The things we do, especially according to our faith, are of ETERNAL importance. The faithless ask, much faith always be blind? No. But faith must always be humble. Humble enough to be seen as ¨nerdy¨, if that´s what it takes. And humble enough to see past the veil and do what God asks! He doth immediately bless you, all he requires is our obedience and gratitude! Anyway

Today for p day we went to Luján and saw the Basilica, cathedral thing. It´s a beautiful thing! Also, we are going to Pizza Libre, mmmmm. Pizza place.

I had a cool birthday! We put a massive bday goal of 10 lessons! But didn´t quite get there, all of our appointments went through. Darn influence of the adversary. I guess the only special thing about my b-day was my bidet! It loves me and keeps me clean from sin and....other things.

Have a great week!

Elder Wincox. (Adriana texted us ¨feliz cumple elder wincox!)

Pic:us at the Basilica and with sweet little Hermana Lucena.

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