Monday, May 16, 2016

VIVA HIJOS DE TRUENO (May 9, 2016 letter)


Transfer calls came. And Elder Siale and I are staying together in Gral. Rodríguez for one more transfer! We are stoked to hasten the work even more here. ALSO, the zone of Luján is getting split in two, and both Elder Donnelly and Mattinson are leaving the pench, and we are recieving two new ZONE LEADERS. Elder Healey and Elder Aguirre. I don´t know E Aguirre, but Elder Healey is from Canada and is a capo. These coming weeks will be the sons of thunder versus the ozone leaders.

SO. Best part of the week by far was saturday. After many long weeks, Walter y Graciela y Guillermina all got baptized!!!! Guillermina I was privileged to baptize, and Elder Siale baptized Walter and Graciela. They are the cutest couple. They got married in order to be baptized, and they are so in love. And then Guillermina was found on ACCIDENT looking for Walter and Graciela. They all live right next to each other, same building! Guillermina has said a hundred times, the first time she talked with Elder Cortes and I, she was left with a profound peace. I also confirmed her yesterday in church. She just sat with her face in her hands afterwards. She is so so amazing. It was such an incredible moment. She stood up and wanted to kiss me.....but I had to decline ha.

We also went to the ZOO in Lujan! COOLEST thing ever! I´m not much on time right now. But we got to touch/feed just about EVERTHING: Llama, lion, tiger, sea lion, elephant, snake, toucan, mule, etc. Good memories!

Happy Mother´s Day BrenDawg! You look super foxy with your new haircut! Hope everyone loves it as much as I do. Hope everyone loves YOU as much as I do. You are the greatest!

Elder Wilcox

Pic: Bautismo :)
Pic: My lunch yesterday.
I shared a moment with a donkey. I fed a toucan by mouth. I walked among LIONS, and also fed that elephant!

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