Monday, May 16, 2016

Saludos de Buenos Aires

Hellos Broshkums,

Ever since I sent my email entitled ¨MAGNIFY¨ and said this has been a mission changing week, I feel the same way every day! I don´t know, I guess it´s good sometimes to be humbled, and then pushed to new heights through your own merits! The mission is incredible.

What a week! Let me just say that living with these new zone leaders is a total blast! They are both incredible missionaries with great testimonies! Elder Aguirre is incredible! Speaks really good english, in a british accent for some reason. We´re not really sure why. He is a cooker too. He made little bizcochuelitos con nueces (walnut muffin thingys) in the morning! Who does that? Me and elder siale, a couple weeks ago got up at six in the morning to make empanadas. They were good! With onions, peppers, salame, ham, muzzarella, sal y pepper. We also made a pizza last pday, like the crust and everything. used WAYY too much flour. We made one crust like the equivalent of four pizzas. haha, it was good though. And Elder Healey is awesome too. He´s canadian. I´ve known him for a while, and he likes Star Wars so.....

This week we had a big activity in the city over yonder called Francisco Alvarez. All the youth from around came and about 10 missionaries. We went on little splits for about an hour with two youth. I was with a deacon and teacher from my ward in G. Rod., little Gabi Poma and little Axel Frattoni. They are awesome but SO SHY. We contacted and gave away two book of mormons (books of mormon?) and it was GREAT. No, they didn´t talk much. But the people we talked to talked to them specifically about opening their mouths and not being shy. It was great! God will always give you what you need, even from contacts on the street!

Other than that I really cant think of other specific things......but it has been a fantastic week! This week I will be having 19 years of age. Thats weird. What scares/surprises me even more is that this week I also finished 10 months in the mish.

I am not ashamed of the Gospel! Have a good week everyone.

Elder Wilcox

Pictures: Me with our terrible pizza, y us with la familia Fernandez, capos!

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