Monday, May 2, 2016


This has been a MISSION changing week! I guess all of them are. But some weeks it´s a lot easier to see that than others.


There ain´t much time to write, but I will try to help you see what a great week it was. As I wrote last week, Elder Siale and I have really been trying to make a difference in our work and vigor and urgency. Those labors are bringing forth many fruits! We have found MANY people who are almost ready to enter the ¨straight gate¨ (baptism). Truly the field is ready to harvest. But the laborours are few. The trick is to WORK WITH the MEMBERS. References are so much more likely to progress. Also, we have been having incredible experiences reactivating less active members, which I consider just as important.

I listened to a talk this morning for President Henry B. Eyring. He gave a great great talk in a recent Priesthood conference about magnifying our callings. The newest deacon needs this, as much as does the most experienced high priest. But that extends to all of us, as members of the church. All members are missionaries. In a talk Elder Holland gave, he described how missions are miracles. How if we realize that if we just trust in the Lord and do what he asks, really it takes a LOT of pressure off of us. We do what we can (which is a lot more than we think), then God does the rest through the Holy Ghost. The Gospel is SO simple if you let it be.

Quick story. We go and see occasionally a lady less active named Selina. Really old, with a walker, alone in her house. She honestly belongs in a home, but I´m not sure if those exist here. She has some kind of disability, because she can´t talk all that well. Anyway, she asked us to take the sacrament to her yesterday, so we did. It was a very sacred experience. We used crackers and a small cloth and glass of water. We had a priest, Gabriel Vergara, with us. He gave great testimony after the ordinance. Right after we finished, she said ¨It´s a miracle!¨ (Es un milagro). She was right. The Spirit was really strong in that moment.

Love you all, have a good week! I´m stoked to talk to you mom! I´d even call to say I´m not calling.

Congrats to M & M for having yo baby! The bun is finally out of the oven.

Also congrats to NICK BOND for your call to Buenos Aires Sur! You will LOVE YOUR MISSION. As ghetto as my mission is, I hear yours is even more so :)

Love from Elder Wilcon

Pics: Eating milanesa with a small plastic spoon is NOT easy.
and a pig head I found in a kiosco.

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