Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Sons of Thunder: Ozone Leaders

And..........¨BANG!¨ went my back bike tire.

I tell ya, these bikes are a big blessing, but very hard to maintain. They are constantly losing air and stuff. Yesterday, we were just cruising along the ¨ruta¨ (highway-busy road-thingy) and my back tire very rudely and loudly exploded. So we started walking our big area instead.

Early this week we had a GREAT experience with our investigator, Adriana. She told us she dreamed a strange dream. We were back in the Chapel, where she came to that activity last last week. We were talking to her and kept saying ¨Dont forget about Alma 22. Don´t forget about Alma 22.¨ That was WEIRD to hear. She is still barely in first Nephi! So she woke up and read Alma 22, where Aaron converts the Lamanite king. She said it talked about the same things we had talked about earlier and was very interesting. I was sitting there dumbfounded. Astounded. Amazed. We then had a very unique lesson about spiritual gifts. Sometimes God communicates with us through dreams. VERY cool experience!

This week I´ve learned even more what it means to be humble. We had interviews and trainings with President Robertson on wed. I think both me and Elder Siale were expecting to march in there and be congradulated on our hard work, no más. Well, President let us know that we need to ALWAYS stive for more, no matter how much ¨outward success¨ we may have. He also came to our branch yesterday and told the branch to NEVER be satisfied, always looking for more. More service and missionary opportunities. More ways to improve. Like the Anti-Nefi-Lehitas, BURY your weapons of war. And leave them buried. If something holds us back, get rid of that thing. I loved the talk in priesthood session, how we need to be leaders AND followers, no matter the calling we have. Leading by example is definitely the best way.

That goes along a lot with what me and my comp have focused on a lot. My new brother-in-law (that always feels weird to me.....I have a brother in law??) won last weeks ¨Most Inspiring email Contest¨. We are NOT here to ¨maintain¨ the work, we are here to ¨HASTEN¨ the work. Extra mile! That is what it´s all about. We have definitely tried to implement that into daily work.

Haha the subject of this email really has no other significance other than it is a funny pun that Elder Siale thought of this week!

Remember that a coach will only criticize and try his best players. God will only try us because he knows our full potential. Be NOT weary in well doing!

Love from Elder Wilcon

Pic: Just your regular P-day mold off the wall cleaning!
Pic: Elder Nuñez has a selfe stick, so..........
Pic: we ordered out the other night! Empanadas and ice cream. mmmmm
Pic: I fancy myself as fancy for breakfast.
Pic:Recent converts, Edgardo and Graciela!

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