Monday, April 4, 2016

Rain? Please.

Hello my fellow disciples. How was your week? Mine was bastante interesting! But first here are some Fun Facts about G Conference here in Arg:
  • We watched it in Spanish obviously. So it we didn´t ask questions like ¨Which talk did you like best?¨ more like ¨Which talk did you understand best?¨ My poor new comp´s answer was usually, ¨Well, none of them....¨
  • It was still AMAZING. The music still remains in english, so HA. Deonne Stott, you looked incredible. And it was really cool, listening to the translater dudes. THEY even get choked up sometimes whilst dictating the talk. It´s cool when they do that. (Fun Fact: Elder Christofferson does his own translations. Like it´s a recording of him speaking spanish. He does really well.)
  • I have a hard time looking right at the person. If I watched them directly, I found myself looking for english. It´s easier just to not look and listen to the spanish. So I looked like at the wall right next to the TV the whole time or something like that.
  • We were going to have it in our chapel here in G. Rod. But the internet went down last minute. So we watched three sessions at a member´s house, and one in the neighboring city, Luján. We didn´t watch the priesthood session :( because of the time difference, it´s broadcasted at 9-11 PM. 

It was a great conference. Aren´t they all? I´m sure I wasn´t the only one worrying, when conference almost ended ¨Where is Elder Holland???¨ But he ended with a wonderful talk as well. I got some whisperings of the Spirit and learned a lot. Someone said on Saturday that the simple things of the Gospel may seem common, but are really profound truths. Like that we have a loving Heavenly Father who wants to forgive and bless us. I loved that, and used that fact in a lesson in between sessions on Sunday. Well, in that BEAUTIFUL lesson, we committed a Adriana y Hector to be baptized! ¨Gospel is true, book is blue.¨ I LOVE THE SPIRIT. Well, duh. But being on a mission makes you appreciate that. You KNOW when you do and when you don´t have the spirit in a lesson.

But FRIDAY. Let me tell you. From the outside in, it may appear as the worst day on my whole mission. But it was so ridiculously hard, it just became comical, and we were happy. Friday was the biggest rain storm ever. It POURED, but POURED. Somehow, on bikes, I´ve been ok with rain thus far. A little wet, but not too bad. So I didn´t wear a poncho or nothing. Well, I´ll skip to the end of the day.......we were walking the bikes home, mine wheel guard being bad due to a fall in the mud. Both of us were wetter than we have ever been, with or without a swimming pool. The water had long since infiltrated my ¨boots fit for the rain¨, so each foot had a wonderful little personal puddle to enjoy. Our bags and the contents contained therein were totally trashed and weeeeeeeet. BUT, we walked in to do damage control to our clothes and stuff with massive smiles 😁, having taught 5 lessons that day notwithstanding! We just decided to chuckle about it after a while, pondering at how big of a win God had this year on April Fool´s.

Other than that, just a week of miracles and awesomeness. We should be having the baptism of Walter y Graciela on saturday! Possibly those of Andrea y Kiara as well! So many MIRACLES. I love the work :) Have a wonderful week!

Love Elder Wilcox

(sometimes I get lazy I guess.....didn´t have any new pics this week. Here are some older ones!)
ONE from district mtg, and the OTHER from the Familia Juarez!

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