Monday, April 4, 2016

Feliz Pasua! (email from Mar 28)

So, this week. Sometimes here, or I guess in any foreign country, you see someone, and think ¨Gee, you look JUST like someone I know, but Argentine!¨ Well long story short, this week I met Argentine Kenny Loggins, Argentine Mozart, and Argentine Sally Baird.

BUT. This has been quite the week. If any of you are wondering, I have now put it on my list of ¨What every missionary needs at least once on the mission¨ is a polynesian companion! Elder Siale is a really awesome, HARD-WORKING elder! And this has been a ¨bonus¨ week together because we switched before transfers, so we are going to be together for at least 7 weeks! We are really focusing on our language studies, because he´s only got 3.5 ish months on the mission and I´ve been adjusting to being the one that is supposed to actually ¨know¨ spanish ha. It was a fun week though!

Obviously, as missionaries we would love the work to progress faster than it is. Like Elder Holland said once, ¨Why isn´t the only risk from missionary work from pnemonia, just soaking wet all day in the baptismal font?¨ Elder Cortes and I were able to baptize Exequil together. We had had these huge baptism goals and it was going to be great. But, like Whitney tells me, and like Elder Cortes told me, ¨We need to be grateful.¨ GRATEFUL. A baptism is SO much more than what it seems. We are able to participate in someone making ETERNAL covenants and moving along in their path towards exaltation. Quite the miracle, oportunity, and privilege. I´m grateful for that more and more. Especially in this last week of the ¨Pascua¨ (Easter).

Argentina is really Catholic, right? They take the pascua serious. They eat fish and weird bread that friday and saturday. We had something called ¨Guiso¨, which is just normal noodles and meat and tomatoes, but apparently has some Messianic significance. Also, this week Obama visited Argentina, and literally EVERYONE told us all about it. Kind of annoying after the 30th time. ¨Hey your President is here this week.¨ ¨Yes, we know.¨

Not anything too crazy, just loving life :) can´t wait for conference! Spanish version, yay!

Love Elder Wilcox

Pic: Service this week, building a house
Pic: ¨Prácticas¨ in the morning. I think we´ve got Thomas S. Monson converted!

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