Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sons of Thunder

I was gonna call my email this week ¨Rain? Please: Part 3¨ but I decided to save everyone from the monotony. Just know that we are thoroughly enjoying riding creaky bikes in the pouring rain and howling wind! The ¨guardabarro¨ (mud guard thingy) on the back tire is broken in half on both our bikes, so literally EVERY DAY we have to scrub our shirts that have been spattered over and over with mud from the bike. Either the shirt or this nerdy long black missionary/detective coat that I have.

Anyway. Why the name ¨sons of thunder¨, you ask? Well because that is our new companionship name. I came across it while reading Jesus El Cristo, so we are literally scripturally backed up here. It´s in Mark 3:17. Jesus called two of his original apostles the Sons of Thunder. JESUS HIMSELF. And with all this rain, we deserve the name. We have a handshake, theme song (Thunderstruck), and the non-believers flee before us when we are glimpsed in the street. Watch yourselves, residents of G. Rod! The other Elders in the pench are desperately trying to find a cooler scriptural name without much success, hehe.

I finally got to listen to the address of President Nelson about his two heart victims. WHAT an incredible story. Let´s rise to the challenge, fellow Priesthood brethren, or there won´t be any Priesthood power for us!

We have found a wonderful couple named Adriana y Hector. I don´t know if I´ve said anything about them or not. But they are AWESOME. A member that lives right next to them, Tamára Rodríguez is coming to our lessons. (She is AWESOME. Served in columbia. AND she just got home from a 5 month trip to Utah, she even went to conference! She helped tour the provo city center open house, and no one even knew about it. She actually would´ve been my one hope to getting a package to Argentina.) Anyway, Adriana is incredible and is reading the LDM like crazy. We invited her to a baptism of an 8 year old on saturday, and then an activity right after. We thought it was for the whole family. Turns out it was a youth activity. But she had her ten year old son Mauro with her and he wanted to play. It was a mini game thing activityin small teams. So she (way too old) went around with her team and Mauro (way too young) went around with his. After everything she was there for like 3 or more hours! But they are progressing fast and doing so well! Love this place!

Hey RM´s: Did everyone and their mother on your mission boast about knowing tons of english and then you asked them to speak to you....and they caved? HAHA happens all the time to me. They know NOTHING. Also, everyone wears t shirts with seriously ¨cualquier cosa¨ on it. The randomest weirdest stuff slapped on to a shirt. So funny.

Not much time, but keep M and E in your sincere prayers! M and E (whom you interviewed that one time) are not doing too great. I´m not sure if he´s still gone, but he ¨moved out¨ last week. He´s still around though, he came to church. M is not baptized, but we now know her big duda is the church. Just churches in general. She believes in Christ, but doesn´t want to go to a church. We are praying for them. I love those two, they need the Gospel!

No pics, sorry. Forgot my cámara.

Love from the armpit of all of Argentina! And what an armpit it is.

Elder Parker Wilcon (how everyone reads my name)

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