Monday, April 11, 2016

Rain? Please: Part 2

Things are booming as usual down in the Arg! I realized this week that about last month in March was a full year that I hadn´t had any cold weather at all. I just went straight from one summer to the next. Now, FINALLY, we are enjoying being somewhat cold sometimes. I am loving it. It feels like a fall/christmas type spirit in the air. I have to remind myself it´s just Abril.

Does anyone remember about the rain that we had last week? Well it continued....EVERY day this week. Lovely. Just think of the church history movies, and the scenes in miserable Winter Quarters. How all the streets are knee deep in mud and the teamsters and struggling to get through. Well that perfectly describes us, barely moving on the bike as we struggle through crazy mud. It´s exhilarating.

BUT had a fantastic week nonetheless. Me and Siale are loving life out here. The work is moving, just sometimes not at the pace we would like. But then again, when does it? We gotta count our blessings! We were gonna have FOUR baptisms this week. But due to different things, we have moved all baptismal dates a little later. Mrs G, an AWESOME grandma lady is soooo close! She just needs to stop smoking completely. She is so converted and happy. It´s awesome to watch. This week I pulled the stunt I´ve always wanted to. I confiscated all the cigarettes she had in the house and we gave her 3 and said those were the last three EVER. She´s been true to that goal so far!

I know that this next statement will mean almost nothing to you, but we had zone conference last week and in the zone is Elders Wihongi and Campos! WOOOT. I would move to Chile just to be the eternal best friend of Elder Campos. Such a stud. He greeted me and was like ¨Haaay deeewwd.¨ In his hilarious Chileno accent. He used to say that all the time when we were together. Teaching latinos English is hilarious.

Nuff said. Y´all need Jesus. He is our eternal exemplar and FRIEND. This is pretty much the best thing to do ever, the mission! Let´s make miracles!

¨Don´t stop thinking about tomorrow! Don´t stop, it´ll soon be here!...Yesterday´s gone.....¨ -Fleetwood Mac

Love from Elder Wilcox

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