Monday, March 21, 2016


Well, first thing you should all know is that I recieved a FLASH yesterday. Flashes are where a change happens that is NOT during the normal transfers. Yes, the normal six week change should be this week anway, but this transfer is a 7 weeker due to MTC changes. Anyway, JUST this morning I recieved a new companion, Elder Siale! He is a super cool Tongan man from Arizona. He just finished his training, just like Elder Cortes had when I got him. And he speaks English haha so that´s a fun change. We now have a four yankee pench! I´ve only known him right now for a few hours, but he seems SUPER awesome and likes Star Wars and told me like 3 times that he likes to work hard. I think we´ll be buddies.

Well, me and Elder Cortes sure did end with a BANG (a baptism). Exequil got baptized. His service was quick, like 45 minutes, but SO awesome. His wife, Milagros, is right on his tail, we´re just letting her take her time with quitting smoking. I am really gonna miss Elder Cortes. What a capo. He is an incredible missionary. Can´t wait to see what he does más adelante. He baptized AND confirmed Exequil because they are such good buds. Me and Elder Siale are gonna have our hands full with literally EIGHT more people to be baptized!

Thursday we went to the ¨casamiento¨ (wedding) of Walter and Graciela! It was really.....unromantic. Just a government office, and they sat at a table and said ¨I accept¨ and then that was it. I did throw rice at someone for the first time...They are incredible people, and so ready to accept the gospel. We met his brother who is getting his mission call in like a week.

That was our week! Stoked for the days ahead.

love Elder Wilcox

Pic: Exiquil´s baptism <3
Pic: BrenDawg look! I´m cooking!

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