Monday, March 7, 2016

The Little Things

Ey chorros,

Ain´t got much time today, but wanted to express my appreciation for the existence of oreos in Argentina! And other things...

This week something CHANGED for me personally. I grew this week, mucho mucho. In my love for my companion. I let the things GO that were bugging me .I realized I didn´t like being annoyed inside for so long. It was treacherous for the work. So I simply let it go. I dont know, I´m still not perfect. But I brought some stuff up in inventory and it worked! Not every day that happens. For example, I was like ¨yeah, you literally put your feet on mine during studies and I don´t like that that much.¨ Then we both started laughing. Laughed for awhile. I´m gonna miss this guy when he´s gone! I´m technically an ¨older¨ missionary, but he is so much better than me on SO many levels.

One small miracle: we were contacting with absolutely nothing happening, so we said a little prayer. Immediately the first guy we clapped his house and he let us in. After a great lesson with him, we were like ¨well that worked pretty well.¨ We said another prayer of gratitude, then found another guy. Both named Gaston by the way. Anway we taught like 4 AWESOME lessons back to back, by the power of prayer! I want to be spiritually strong, like six pack strong! I´ll get there one day.

Love you all, have a wonderful week!

Elder Wilcox

Both pics right there in our little room, Elder Cortes y yo, and one he got during planning (candid).

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