Monday, March 7, 2016

The Cold never bothered me anyway (Feb 29 letter)

It´s funny that I write that subject line while I am dying in the heat right now. BUT earlier this week, we had a rainstorm, and for about 48 hours afterwards it was PERFECT weather. It even got cool enough for me to sleep with a blanket over me! Winter will come, one day. The Lord provides.

Well, what another week of miracles miracles miracles. Sometimes I have to chastise myself for thinking so negatively when there is so much good happening.

Funny thing happened yesterday at church. We were at the gate greeting people. Some women came in, and a middle aged man came walking right behind them. Turns out he was just a non-member walking past (I thought he was a member) , but I held my hand out and said ¨Hey Brother (Ey Hermano)¨ he kept walking but gave me a weird look and said ¨Hermano??¨ My mind froze from embarrasment, and when that happens the spanish starts to slip away and the english reserves kick in. I just said, ¨Yeah, you´re my brother.¨ He stood still for about 5 seconds, shrugged his shoulders and said, ¨I didn´t know.¨ Ha we had a good laugh over that.

Argentina has a lot of good qualities, but they still haven´t figured out how to control litter. Here in General Rodriguez the litter is especially bad. And they pile it up on street corners, and then burn it at the end of the day. It looks like you´re in a war zone when we are riding home and the end of the day.

Yesterday also in church, we had SO many people come to church! That is so rewarding. I did divisions this week with a pench mate, Elder Mattinson from Boston. We taught a woman named Florencia that lives in their area, but initially Elder Campos and I had contacted her. Anyway, she came to church with her husband! Kinda out of the blue too. And COMPLETELY out of the blue was three people that are new in town. The branch president introduced us. They were at the special meeting with Elder Bednar, and now want to get baptized. MIRACLES.

Also, the meeting with Elder Bednar was SO GOOD. It was in Capital, the actual city part of Buenos Aires becuase all four of the Buenos Aires missions were there. I saw some old buddies from the MTC, that was cool. Bednar and his wife were very patient. They have to say everything one sentence at a time, and then it is translated by the guy standing next to them. I was pretty impressed, he translates at the speed of light...and Elder Bednar did not ¨dumb down¨ his vocabulary at all. But we also had FOUR of the area Seventy there, I think all of whom have spoken recently at conference. Elder Texiera, Gonzalez, and others(cant remember names). We had some question and answer time. Funny because there were white kids talking to Bednar in Spanish, and then the translator talked to him. That Spanish life :)

Overall a great week. Love you all! May you all have success and peace this week.

Elder Wilcox

Pic: played some futbol at the church this morning! Naturally I lose.
Pic: did service for a member this week! Lesson learned: dirt turns to mud when there´s rain, therefore very hard to shovel.

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