Monday, July 27, 2015

Weeks fly by, days feel like years

wow. The MTC just gets better and better. Yesterday evening we had some study time outside because the weather was just perfect...and the sounds of the pioneer day fireworks sounded pretty cool. It was fun though, I finally memorized the baptismal commitment and countless gospel vocab words. The language is coming along great! I am so lucky and blessed with my past high school spanish to help me. Some of the guys, bless them, don't know companion included. It's fun though, I get to bail him out during lessons. Who would've thought we would be teaching people in the SPANISH LANGUAGE? Weird huh?

This week has been truly incredible. Just like every day. "The days go slow but the weeks go fast." so true. Every day feels like yeeeaaaarrrsss, but this week has really flown by. I love the spirit that is here. I love that fact that everyone here is a missionary. Like the fact that it is cool to bear testimony all the time, or wear garments, or sing in the shower, or whatever. I've seen mighty changes of heart in myself and those around me. We talk about the blessings we have, or the amazing growth in spanish we've had in only a week, or the spirit or whatever....when I know only a few months ago that these kids wouldn't have made comments like that. Feel me? The gospel is true. I wanna go onto KSL or something and say BREAKING NEWS: Parker is not who he once was. Dad, mom, Misti, thanks for the letters. You guys are awesome. Love each and every one of you. Mom your package is amazing, the district and I loved the no-bakes. Dad your quote by George Cannon is cool. Ha I work in the cannon building....coincidence? I think not.

Lessons learned: the spirit is everything. Without the spirit, you cannnnnnnot teach anything. Or learn anything. Way back last P-day, in the evening, our teacher Hermano Barfuss was with us. We were kinda rowdy and hyper from P-day and stuff. Eventually, he said (in spanish) "Ok, we need to take a break, because we don't the spirit with us." Wow. I was kinda hit hard. It amazed me how true that was. We said a prayer as a companionship and I calmed myself down. It took a little while, but eventually it was one of the best classes ever. And if you don't have the spirit with you in lessons, you're toast there too. We started doing TRC this week, which is where real investigators come in with the new missionaries. Elder trent and I are teaching a cool guy named Jose. (there's an accent but I can't do it on this keyboard) He was SOOO tired the first time we taught him because he had just gotten off a late flight. He literally fell asleep in front of us for like 20 seconds, right after we asked him a question! awkward. He looked so uncomfortable, and was fidgeting the whole time to try and stay awake. He wouldn't have anything we were saying, and was kinda pessimistic in general. But the next time we taught him, we really prepared. We had a great lesson about the plan of salvation. He was in SUCH a better mood that time. But still kinda pessimistic. I started off telling him the topic for the day, the plan of salvation, or the plan of happiness. He disagreed and said it was just a plan of salvation because it was hard to be happy. We showed him the He Lives easter video and the spirit was there. We bore testimony and even more spirit came. It was such a good lesson. He kinda shut up and was convinced in his heart of the truthfulness of the things which we said (good scripture language eh?) Near the end of the lesson, I remembered what he said earlier, and testified it was EASY to be happy with the gospel in our lives. He was really nice that day, and the lesson was so awesome. We've also been teaching a girl named "Elizabeth Ortega", and she was a fun investigator. But she turned out to be our teacher yesterday, haha we knew the whole time, shh don't tell. The spirit was always strong in her lessons, and she was really nice. She taught a great lesson when she turned out to be our teacher. That was fun. But her fake identity had a boyfriend and a daughter. We decided to teach her about the law of chastity. But the whole lesson was kinda awkward, because 1.its kind of a weird topic. and 2. we knew hardly ANY vocab about that topic. I spend 30 minutes trying to talk with any words I knew about the law of chastity. "You shouldn't baby....before married." It was fun. s

Sunday and tuesday devos were both awesome, spirit so strong in both of them. By the way, there's no way I can write everything i want in this email, so sorry. We sang in the choir and that was awesome, sang praise to the man. Watched "character of christ", a talk by Bednar, it was amazing. To have the character of christ, we have to be turned constantly outward, NOT inward. Missionary work should be soooo selfless, we should never be worried about ourselves.

Thank you for your emails! Please me! Really, seriously. It is so awesome to get one during the week. You'll understand you guys once you're in the MTC. See ya. LOVE FROM......

.....Elder Wilcox. Ever stalwart

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