Monday, August 31, 2015

President Nelson is a champ!

What a fantastic week! Every week gets better. Every day gets better.

First off...THANKS for the mail. The mail helps and gets me through the week! WHIT your letters rock, thanks for writing. haha "gapagoll ham".  Pullan family, I don't know your email, but thank you so much for your package! You guys are great. And also the package from Anna, Haley, Mays, Madi, and Syd. Don't know your emails either, but thank you!! Letters of any kind are greatly appreciated. Mom maybe you should thank these people for me ;) OH and speaking of Anna...guess who I saw last week at the temple?? Jaren! Not my brother (I wish), Jaren Hunsaker and his dad. SO GOOD to talk to them for like two minutes. I have seen someone every week so far at the temple, including Amber Ellis, John Ackerson, Mr. Turner, Jaren. Yesterday I talked to Hannah Holmes, who just got a job here at the MTC. Pretty awesome to see people you know. 

We've had some good rain this week. Gave all the Elders a chance to try out their sweaters and stuff. We play a lot of volleyball either in the sand pit outside or inside the gym. Gym time here is so much fun. It's importance is stressed a lot because "a bow string won't stay strong if it is stretched so much, sometimes you have to release the pressure on it." 

Hosting on wednesday was super dooper cool! Brought back memories from what feels like an eternity ago, when we got dropped off. A little awkward though because you have to be excited and greet the family and stuff, but very few families are happy to see you. Mostly it's a huge cry/hug fest and no one is happy to see the host missionary. But the new Elders and Sisters are generally pretty excited. The first few days are great. It's a fun job. 

Haha finally had the first sleep talking incident. Elder Trent sleeps on the top bunk. I guess he got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I was muttering something about the BOM. He decided to ask me about it, and I ANSWERED. I was like "Yeah I love the book of mormon, my favorite book is ammon....and..and.and...and...and...and..." He just left to go, and when he came back I was still muttering "...and...and...and..and.." funny.

Last week I played the piano in sacrament meeting. So far I've played the hymns and a special number (come thou fount). I love music, just wish we had some more of it. We have to resort to singing it and it's not pretty. 

As you can tell from the subject...on tuesday devotional we had an amazing talk given by..Sheri Dew! Just kidding, we had her on sunday. But she did great too. Tuesday was the one and only President Russell M. Nelson. The spirit in that room was very very strong. His talk was very simple and brought some good truth to light. He talked a little about pornography, and how Christ will forgive "as oft as we repent." But it has to be TRUE repentance. He talked about his history as a heart surgeon, and talked about how we missionaries are "epistles of the lord." We are literal messages and testaments of Christ, walking about. I loved that he said how the spirit burns into our hearts and becomes part of us. He said it is written in the "fleshy tables of the hearts". I LOVED that, because on the quote that Uncle Brad gave me, he wrote a little note on the bottom that said "I know you can commit this not only to memory, but write it in the 'fleshy tables of the heart.'" We had a district review of the devotional afterwards, and I talked about that. Our branch president's wife, Sister Swenson, was kinda crying. His wife also gave a good talk about we are a heaven based church and not a utah based church. PS did you know that he remarried like in 2006, when he was in his 80's? He's a cool guy. 

Lessons and spanish continue to improve greatly. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary. If you try, you can really be happy. 1 nephi 31:20..I think. Wherever it is, it says we must "press forward with a perfect brightness of hope". That is important. Haha me and Elder Trent have this new thing where we read out of the spanish BOM and try to translate to english. The other guy reads english and corrects him. It has some funny outcomes too. 

Well better go. Thank you to everyone who may ever read this, I am so glad for my friends and family. I love this gospel and how I am HAPPY all the time becuase of it. Also just know that is impossible to write everything I want to, so sorry about that. See ya next week!

Elder Wilcox

Ps: "And they traveled forth to the land of building 1M to do laundry, their bags being great with dirty clothes. And they washed their clothes in the washer, and it was well. But when the time came forth to put the clothes in the dryer, the lint thereof was exceedingly gross." The lint in the dryer is NASTY.

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