Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2 weeks worth of letters

"Riff raff? Street rat? I won't buy that. If only they'd look closer. Would they see a poor boy, no siree. They'd find out there's so much more to me [and my religion]."

Sometimes I feel just like Aladdin did, these people here don't know what they're missing! One guy the other day during out knockout was yelling about "false doctrine" and stuff. We talked to him for just a moment about his doubts and stuff. He had a lot to say, particularly how the BOM is made up blah blah. but the whole time I was just thinking "Bro, you would make such a good mormon!" THIS IS THE TRUE CHURCH. This is the right way to be going. I walked away aching for him, wishing I could bring some spirit into his heart.

Email time is limited with a busy schedule. Sorry. I need to reorganize what I'm doing so I can email more.

These past two weeks have been great! Two saturdays ago, the stake (only spanish) had this AMAZING culture activity and we had a lot of success bringing investigators and less actives. They are all from different places here, they did different dances from El Salvador, Chile, Mexico, Argetina (that was the weirdest one; everyone was like "Elder Wilcox that's what you have to look forward to!" haha) etc. It was great.

This past week has been very piano filled!! On wednesday I got asked last minute to play for a stake youth activity. I was about to play the opening hymn, but they said they were gonna make time for me to play prelude and bring the spirit. what a fun last minute assignment! Then on sunday (last minute) they asked me to play for sacrement meeting. I went to play prelude. These two sisters started jabbering away in spanish. All I got was that they asked me to play a specific hymn. I was like ok cool and started playing it. Then halfway through, they stood up on the roster and started BELTING it, at the beginning, in front of everyone! I was so confused. They kept singing, and I kept playing, but it sounded terrible because we were at different parts.They kept glancing at me, and me at them and all the while the whole ward is watching this happen. They kept looking at me like i should've known...in my head i was thinking What do you want from me??! haha turns out they were just wanting to sing to bring the spirit, but wouldn't that have been nice for me to know? THE SPANISH IS COMING. But things like that still happen haha.

The other piano was last night at a baptism that was the most AMAZING baptism ever! It was for a guy names Juan that some Hermanas in my district had converted. They put together a little program for my district to do. It was so fun. I played "come thou fount" softly while they said memorized parts about the restoration. Then they talked about apostasy and restoration, and they sang "La oracion del Profeta." (Joseph Smith's first prayer). It was SOO GOOD. And to top it off, all the elders there got to stand in, and President Henrie himself showed up and confirmed him! Spirit was so strong. Such a good night.

I have learned a lot about FAITH and HOPE. And other christlike attributes of course. But it is SO IMPORTANT to have faith to get through the hard days. Faith motivates us to act, and hope is the trust that good will come from that act. I know that is true, and have seen it help me in hard times.

I have been on TWO exchanges, one per weekend. They last 24 hours. They are SOO FUN. I get to see life with another Elder and learn all types of lessons from him. My first one I was on bike, learned that life :) then I realized that i will be walking in Argentina so it won't even be THAT good. The car life really spoils me!

AMBER HAD THE BABY. Finally. I was worried sick. Seriously, all it was was childbirth. I think I was worried about it more than Amber was. I was always praying and asking her. but it's okay now. She kinda has been stressed, but I think she'll get through it. Victor is having a hard time though. he's a member but totally been inactive. He was doing good for a little there, but we're pretty sure he relapsed (drugs) and doesn't want to see us.....so sad :( I love him!

Ok better get. LOVE Y'ALL. (yall is just the allowed thing, cant say dude or nothing)


PS. I guess James Kennard just got home from THIS mission. WOW!

hope i haven't sent this pic before....this is just the best district the church has ever seen!

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