Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tell everybody I'm ON MY WAY

After this wonderful transfer here in Van Nuys (pronounced "Van I's") California it looks like I'm.....LEAVING TO ARGENTINA. I'm so stoked! The other day we found a less-active old guy from Argentina. He seriously reminded me so much of the old Italian guys in that movie "Return to Me". Anyone know what I'm talking about? He had dark olive skin, and spoke spanish with an italian accent. He even did the classic kiss the fingers italian hand gesture, you know? Anyway, now I'm ready and SO EXITED. I leave at the end of the transfer, which is Oct 6.

But I ain't leaving until AFTER conference. I'm more stoked for conference than any football fan has been for the super bowl. It's gonna be SO GOOD. We listen to talks and stuff in the car and it just gets me so excited! I want to get all the Elders together and do some tailgating in the church parking lot beforehand. Just kidding, but that would be funny wouldn't it?

This week has been great! What a wonderful thing, a mission. I get to talk to people about their way to happiness......all the time! Have I ever mentioned that Elder Durrant is a diabetic? He had his doctor's appointment this week, and we got to talk to some patients about the good word. So fun! Yeah he checks his blood a bunch of times a day and then shoots himself with insulin at meals and stuff. It's type 1, which I guess is more rare.

We had another baptism last night! So AWESOME. My district did the same little restoration program, it was so awesome.

We have been going to see Amber every single day this week. There are details that need not be discussed, she's just having trouble with her kinda-husband who does a lot of illegal drugs. We have been helping her move out and she's doing allll these things with a brand new baby girl. She is an amazing amazing example of faith and perseverance. She said she's just gonna "take whatever comes" because she trusts in the lord and his strength, even when we have no more.

WHITNEY. I listened to that Brad Wilcox talk, His Grace is Sufficient. It is very inspiring. That is such an incredible and simple message. Why does the world worry about repentance so much? We CANNOT understand the significance and power of the atonement. There is power to redeem us even in the "gall of bitterness". But it isn't free, we have to work. Elder Holland once said something like "Repentance isn't something that takes years or months or weeks. It happens as soon as we say 'I want to change.' We may have to spend our whole lives staying away from sin and proving our repentance, but that forgiveness is right there and forever." Grace isn't the light at the end of the tunnel, it's the light that guides us through. So grateful for my savior. I want to be like him someday.

Yesterday was testimony meeting. I was kind of nervous because my mission president was present, but I got up and told the ward I love them, and will miss them. I hope they can all realize the blessings of the atonement and work to bringing other souls unto Christ as well. After church, an old man who was visiting asked us to give him a blessing of health. It was my first time in spanish! I just annointed, and Elder Durrant blessed. So cool! He stood up, with tears in his eyes, and called us "angels of the lord". (Angeles del Senor). Very humbling. I never want to boast in my own strength, but I will boast in the strength of my lord. Just like Ammon. He's a champ. We taught a lesson later yesterday and it was in English! So.....weird. I said a prayer in english, and it felt weird. I'm not saying I'm good at spanish, just used to stumbling through that instead of english haha.

Well, I need to get going but so happy for everyone back home. I think I'm allowed to say that now we have a newly engaged couple, Shaylee and Michael! Congrats you two. And congrats to you and BrenDawg for running your marathon this week.

Hope everything is going well for everyone who ever might read this. Hope you realize how much Elder Wilcox loves you and how much more the Lord loves you. Keep on going.

LOVE from Elder Parkisimo

Pic: this is the 2nd counselor and his cute little kids. We have FHE with them every week. I asked to take a picture, and he immediately was like "yes. you sit here, and I'll stand here and the kids here...." like he'd done it a million times before. So funny! They are awesome.

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