Monday, January 18, 2016

The Power of the Priesthood (Jan 11)

Another wonderful wonderful week in the life of Elder Wilcox and Elder Campos! I am really finding out the blessings of a focused mind and hard work. The Lord commands us to open our mouths to EVERYONE. Does that mean that you won´t get mean people? No. But you´ll eventually find the ¨elegidos¨, the ones ready to accept the Gospel in their lives!

This was a great great week. Every week is really. We are finally over that awk first- week-or-so-of-companionship-stage. I have also been loving getting to know Elder McCardell. We did divisions this week (which were SO simple! Same pench, don´t have to worry about anything) and he is awesome! He is from Murray so automatically we have a lot in common. I also realized how much I appreciate having a Latino comp. With white Elders, you have to switch a LOT between languages. With Elder Campos, it´s just spanish no más. That actually REALLY helps! He taught me how to do the Rubik´s cube this week so that was cool.

Anyway: the power of the Priesthood. There´s a lot of it. We had interviews with President this week. He is such a powerful example of always always having the spirit with you. He gave me some great counsel that stood way out. First, I need to keep the sacrament sacred. That is MY time to worship and ponder and learn. Don´t worry about investigators, noise, or anything. Also, he said he keeps cards (he showed me) with him about topics of things he´s gonna pray for or scriptures he liked or anything like that. ¨Thought topics¨, digamos. Anyway, I am so grateful for a powerful mission president who I really look up to.

Another great experience was yesterday right after church. An hermana requested a blessing from us and a member of the bishopric. She said she is down on both ¨ánimo¨ and health. She doesn´t feel any excitement to go to church or anything like that. We gave her some good advice and told her to never lose hope. That´s what is great about the gospel! HOPE. Like Uchtdorf in that awesome talk, if we step back and look at the bigger picture, it will ¨definitely work for you.¨ Also, I can finally do an annointing/blessing in spanish without reading from the white handbook haha.

Funny culture thing. No idea why but HUGE groups of people gather in public places ALL the time and bang on their drums. They have terrible terrible rythym, it´s just loudness. Everyone who isn´t drumming just steps back and forth, ¨dancing¨ kinda like Will Smith´s simple move from Hitch.

Got to go! Make sure to drink water! Ha that´s what our President told us this week. ¨Make sure to drink water and take breaks if you need them!¨

Lot´s of LOVE. Keep the faith. ¨Be not weary in well doing, for you are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.¨

Elder Wilcox

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