Monday, January 4, 2016

The Consecrated Year

This subject line was taken from an email from Elder Hemeyer, who retains all the rights and privileges. What a great way to put it! Let´s make this a consecrated year and be the best we can be! Just recently we got a talk from Tad R. Callister that he gave at the MTC. It is about being consecrated missionaries and putting every single bit of uncleanliness ¨on the altar of sacrifice.¨ Great great talk, and it helps me to start off this year right! There are ALWAYS things to improve on.

Right now we are in a nice cyber in Ramos Mejía, and for some reason they have Shania Twain´s ¨Man! I feel like a Woman¨ playing and I think it´s the happiest I´ve ever been.

This week has been great! Just a good old missionary week. Lots of work, and lots of miracles. With Elder Stuart gone, I am leading the area(ish) at least until Elder Campos can learn all of it. I was really nervous at first, but I know Rafael Castillo a lot better than I thought I did! I just had to learn that I know..does that make sense? Elder Campos is a total ¨bestia¨, and a REALLY good teacher. He is really good at holding people´s attention, and simplifying things down, so that people will get them. I was pretty nervous to get a comp with no english at all, but it´s turning out to be a lot better than I thought! There is still somewhat a barrier, but we talk about home and normal things still. He is SUPER funny, but also a good, soft spoken leader when needed. It is a four missionary pench. We still have Elder Estrada, but now we have an Elder McCardell from MURRAY UTAH. So great to have another utah guy to talk to! Just recently his brother´s traveled here to visti old comps and delivered a SUITCASE full of candy, ties, and cool stuff. He got some cool star wars socks, and a small lego model of the millenium falcon. Needless to say, before bedtime I have been having fun with that! New Years was the exact same as xmas, just a lot of fireworks and drunk people. The Hermano we live with did feed us DELICIOUS asado though..mmmmm.

The ward is doing great too! The more I get to know these people, the more I see their strength. Nahuel has been greeted with open arms into the tiny Elder´s quorum. We have had a couple good visits with his mom, Dora. She is a recent convert as well, but completely inactive. She didn´t come to Nahuel´s baptism. But he just loves her the same, and even shares scriptures with her! I think we are gonna try to have a movie night with them and watch the Joseph Smith movie. He is great guy.

Ain´t got much time today, but CONGRATS to Daniel Ernest Ellis the 5th for your mission call to Ecuador! That is super rad, and another friend I´m gonna be able to speak spanish with!

¡Ciao! Great quote i heard ¨He who says he can, and he who says he can´t are both usually right.¨

Love from Elder Wilcox

The new Castillo crew up on the roof on New Year´s

Last week, Elder Stuart´s last visit with the familia Espejo (bishops´s family) They are an AWESOME family. And they made me hold their nasty no-hair dog

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