Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas, Baptism, Wedding, Transfer.......and more

What a week! Definitely have never had a Christmas like that.

First off, it was so good to talk to my family! It was definitely a bittersweet thing. Trunky, but at the same time loving the mission. It´s a confusing mix of emotions...very confusing. But you guys look so good, and I got to talk to the newly weds-congrats my friends. That is so exciting: Christmas, Star Wars, and a Wedding all within a week or so! I was a little saddened that my little bro has a deeper voice now-I am missing these years while he is in puberty´s grasp. But it was a great great week nonetheless!

First off, we had a BAPTISM! Nahuel, he is a great great capo of an Argentine. So happy for him. We had invited almost all of the ward. But to not all that much surprise, only 10 people showed up...including 4 missionaries. Me, my comp, and the two other Elders of Castillo. It was on Saturday. Baptisms are nice because we have to be at the church while the font is filling, which takes about 3 hours. During that time, we read the scriptures, and I plunked out some primary songs on the old piano. We had a talk about baptism by Carlos, a counselor in the Elders Quorum. We then had the baptism, I gave a talk on the HG, and we had a musical number by another Elder in the ward. Haha the ward counselor who conducted REFUSED to say my name, even though it was WRITTEN on his paper! That actually happens a lot. He just looked at it, then asked me ¨what´s your name again?¨ ¨Wilcox.¨ ¨Oh...Elder.....Weeel..col¨ Close enough. But it was a really good baptism. I think Nahuel will make a great member of the ward. He advanced through the lessons so quick! He knows quite a bit of english, and loves to read the BOM. He also made his own progress. By that I mean he made changes without us even asking. Por ejemplo: he told us one day he stopped listening to his regular music because he knew it was bad, and we hadn´t even said anything! This gospel changes lives! Yesterday in Church, I got to confirm him member of the church. It was pretty scary in spanish, not gonna lie. I messed up, to say the least. But it was a really good experience.

Christmas was great too! For the Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) we had a great asado dinner at Walter y Mirta´s house, a family of investigators. They are awesome, and are really progressing to baptism! In fact, they might already be there, but she has to get divorced, and then they have to get married. But that was fun, DELICIOUS asado steak and sausage and stuff. Haha we had to order a remis (taxi), because we were allowed to stay out til 10:30 if we got one. I thought it was gonna be at least a good-ish car. But it turned out to be a complete piece of cardboard on wheels! I was pretty sketched out. He had incredibly loud music playing, but the car was wobbling the whole time, like it was gonna fall apart. Haha fun stuff. Argentine Xmas is really just getting drunk, high, and eating asado. And also.....fireworks. Lots and lots of them. Mostly just loud fire crackers. But at midnight on the Noche Buena, they let loose. For you Heber folk, just imagine the Memorial Hill finale, but literally EVERYWHERE around you! So many fireworks, for like 25 straight minutes! It was insane! Christmas day was fun. We had lunch with a member, and a visit with a couple others. We stayed in the members house where we called for a while while we all called home.

I am going backwards on this email. But on wed, we went to the Buenos Aires Temple as a mission! SOOOO GREAT. My first session ever in Spanish. It was pretty different, but it´s a beautiful temple. They had a great program at the mission offices after that. That took all day, it was our ¨Christmas P-Day¨. Awesome.

We got transfer calls only about 3 hours ago. They are really last minute on those. But it looks like I will be staying in Castillo, yay! But....Elder Stuart, my dear Papi is going away. He is going to a zone called Marcos Paz. But he is gonna be district leader AND finish someone´s training, which means I´ll have a step-brother! I´ve never met him, but my new comp is named Elder Campos. I could be wrong, but I´m pretty sure he´s Chileno. I´ll meet him tomorrow. Oh, and he´s gonna be District Leader, so he´s got to be a good guy! I am pretty sad to see Elder Stuart go, but change is good and helps us grow.

No mo time, better get. I love the mission, and love these people! Missions are the best. Keep the faith everybody. Also, keep the commandments.

Love Elder Wilcox

Pic 1: Nahuel at his Baptism!
Pic 2: This is Carlos, Eva, and Marcos. My FAVORITE member family. Carlos (guy next to me, who spoke at the baptism) loves rock, as you can tell by his hair. He also loves Star Wars, so we get along great!

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