Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The white shirts are coming (Nov 9)

My mission in a sentence: ¨I saw a bum here the other night, there were two bums. And I thought to myself, lets talk to these guys about the gospel.¨ -Nacho Libre

What a great week! Why is is that only at the END of the transfer you feel like you start to pick up and be awesome?? Lame. The transfer ends next week and I dont want to be separated from my beloved Elder Stuart. He´s a real capo and friend.

We decided to really start opening our bocas and trying to find new investigators. And stopping by people on the potential investigator list. Something I´ve learned this week is to STOP worrying and dont give up. There will be an hour or so some days where I just want to stop and sit down and scratch my bug bites and rest. Things get hard sometimes! But Preach my Gospel counsels that ¨If you lower your expectations, your effectiveness will decrease.¨ That is a real thing. We found the most PERFECT family to teach and had a great first lesson with them last night. They are from a contact we made weeks ago and thought nothing of. But we talked outside of their house for quite a while about missionary work and stuff. They were super intrigued.Gustavo and Monica. He was so impressed-haha asked like 20 times ¨So what you´re telling me is that you leave your own country for TWO years and never talk to your family just to teach about your church?¨ It felt so good to be validated and appreciated. Not even the members realize the work that the missionaries put in. And then we had a great lesson a couple days later! The fruits dont come quickly, but THEY COME.

We also have been really trying hard and making small progress on David, a son of a recent convert named Pina. She helps him a lot with reading and even coming to church, but he is reallllllly struggling with depression. Poor guy, he has real potential and he´s only 22 years old. And he´s super nice. We finally got in with him last night and had a lesson. I was thinking how we dont know him all that well. We got him to play his guitar for us. He is INCREDIBLE, at playing and singing. I feel like I know him so much better. After that he really opened up and the lesson blossomed. He also committed to a date. Crossing our fingers!

One other person who we´re hoping will be golden is the husband of a recent convert. La familia Guzman. They are so nice and have fed us a couple times. And guess what his name is? Gastón. Great name right? ¨No one reads like Gastón, no one prays like Gastón. No one climbs in the baptismal font like Gastón!¨

SO. The primary program. Super cool experience. The primary in this ward is like a ninth of a typical primary back home, but nine times as crazy. About fifteen or so little creatures with unbridled energy. We practiced on saturday, and it was so crazy. First of all, the piano is just something they are not familiar with at all. They have one, but no one EVER plays it so it´s almost too much for them to handle. Everyone sings! But they are used to acapella, so when I came in with the piano everyone (kids and adults) were like melody? tempo? Whats that? But we eventually figured it out and it was awesome. They fed us panchos (hotdogs) and they only eat them with mayo. The kids are crazy like I said, and both Elder Stuart and I got some mayo stains from the kids climbing on us with a pancho in hand. But it was so fun, and in sacrament mtg it worked out so well. What a spirit there is with a primary program! I love the words of a childs prayer. ¨Speak, he is listening.¨ La verdad.

Scripture of the week. Helaman 5:6. I am Parker TRAVIS Wilcox and proudly so. You´re awesome President Wilcox! Keep it up.

I will go forth boldly declaring the word of God to all of Buenos Aires West. I boast not of mine own strength, but the Lord´s. Unto this end, I close mine epistle. I am Elder Wilcox, son of Travis.

Pic: Elder Donnelly (the one next to me) had a birthday! And bdays in Argentina are cool. We made empanadas and they were way good! They have a tradition where you basically tar and feather the person, but with eggs and flower. We got him gooood, right after this pic was taken. But then the Hermana got all of us with eggs.....

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