Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week of Ramos Life (Nov 2)

This is a crazy country. I´ve said it many a time, and probably will many more times. For instance, only an Argentine would run to catch the bus...while breast feeding. Or drench lettuce in oil and call it a salad. Or go CRAZY all night when their soccer team wins. I dont know, maybe other people do that stuff. But that is just a few things I have seen this week.

So. I live in a town called Rafael Castillo. And the church offices are in a bigger city called Ramos Mejía. To get to Ramos is about a 30-40 min ride on the colectivo (bus). And we went there EVERY day. Monday to play bball with our zone. That was fun.

Tuesday we went to Ramos for some trainings with the Mission President, President Robertson. He is such a CHAMP. I have loved getting to learn from him. We had different trainings on new computer things, but the best part was the interview with him. I could feel the spirit so strong. Half the time, we werent even talking about spiritual things, I could just feel the spirit with him. He gave some GREAT counsel. It was so awesome. He told me he was impressed with my spanish, and to keep working hard. One thing I loved that he said was to look to other missionaries and prophets for ideas. Dont ever be scared to look to others for good examples on how to work and share the Gospel.

Wednesday we didnt plan on going to Ramos. But the other Elders we live with went and forgot something, so we had to bring it to them :( It was good though. I actually got a seat on the bus, which never happens, and read about when Moroni and Pahoran beat the tar out of the Lamanites through their great FAITH. Keep the faith!

And then thursday and friday I had to go into Capitál, like the big part of Buenos Aires for something called trámites. That is thing we do to gain a two year visa or whatever. Mostly it was lines in a government building. I met some english speakers and got to talk about missionary work! One from Ireland, one Australia, and one England. (Super cool accents!) Haha the lines and stuff reminded me of Brian Regan: ¨Angry people here, livid people here, keep it organized!¨

Some wonderful other experiences this week! We had a great lesson with a lady named Eliana. Really nice and receptive to the Gospel. Seemed to understand the Restoration really well, and to put that in perspective....NOBODY understands the Restoration. Especially from a young Yankee like myself. (Yankee is like the word Gringo here. Except in Castellano its pronounced ¨zshankee¨) We have been having great lessons with a recent convert named Eva, who I saw baptized my first week here. But in church and in her house, she never wants to pray. What?? How could you not want to? Pray for Eva to see the great importance of PRAYER. It is one of the greatest gifts we have. The Great God who has plenty of things to do wants to talk to him personally.
I have been playing the hymns every week in church which I love to do even on a laaaammmmme piano. I got asked on the fly to play for the primary program next week, so we´ll see how that goes. Funny story from yesterday. Sacrament mtg, I was about to play the sacrament hymn. But before, our stake president was gonna make an announcement. All I was listening for, and all I heard was the ¨hymn number 118¨ from the counselor who was counducting. (The piano faces the wall). I started playing the hymn while the president stood patiently at the pulpet, until someone tapped me to stop. Wayyyyyyy embarrassing, but whatevs. Yankee life for ya!

Love ya! I dont care who you are, I love you. Have a wonderful week. Hope everyone had a great Halloween. I celebrated mine with a little bit of obra misional. Mmmm, delicious.

Elder Wilcox

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