Monday, December 14, 2015

Its beginning to look a lot like...summer

Real talk! But it started looking like summer long ago. anyway...

It´s fun getting xmas greetings and feeling that excitement from home! I´m definitely enjoying the season as well, just in totally different ways. People dont really sing christmas songs here, but many do have christmas trees, it´s fun to see those.

This week I gave my very first priesthood blessing in Castellano (argentine spanish). Kind of a scary experience, but amazing nonetheless. I think I have said before that giving a blessing is one of my favorite ways to feel the spirit. You can feel the love the God has for that person, it´s awesome! I have done the annointing plenty of times, but never have I done the actual blessing. It was for a girl that is having real migraine problems. When we left, she tried to kiss us goodbye, but we had to deny her. That happens like 20x a day! I´ve denied many women kisses haha. But not men, it´s okay to kiss them ;)....on the cheek of course.

This week has flown by! Elder Stuart and I are just doing SO great right now with investigators and éxito and happiness. So fun to actually see the fruits of labores. This whole transfer has flown by really.

This week was PESADO, AFUL. In other words, incredibly hot and humid. Ha so many people are like dying either in the house or out, and look at us and ask ¨Why are you wearing those clothes, aren´t you dying??¨ Why yes, yes I am, thanks for asking. The ward had a xmas dinner this week. We had invited some investigators. The dinner was supposed to start at 7. Then at 8 ish was supposed to be a show. They had asked us to do something for the show. We had the other two elders with us from Castillo, E´ Donnelly and Estrada. We changed our plans like 3 times, but didn´t actually get to do anything....because the dinner didn´t start until about 8:50! Argentines....very late people.But our golden golden family, Gustavo y Monica, showed up! SO GREAT. I was so happy. Haha as soon as they came at 9:20 we had to go. But we talked to the bishop and his family yesterday and they said the Gustavo and Monica had a really good time, and things are working out. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary. The work is so fun to see the changes people are making. We are NOT salesman. We are God´s army, ready to combat sadness and bad choices and replace them with joy and love. How great is that?

Haha something that the members always do when I say I´m from Utah is they make some joke like it´s the ¨factory¨. ¨La fábrica.¨ I got so used to that that I accidentally used it in street contacts! As in, ¨Yeah I´m Elder Wilcox, and I´m from Utah. La fábrica hehe.¨ And then non members who don´t know anything get way confused. STILL LEARNING. Every day. Love it.

Ok, I need to get. We are getting close to having a brand new couple in our midst! Congrats to Shaylee and Michael, hope you have a wonderful wedding. Also to everyone with a white christmas, count your blessings! I love you all, and I love this work! Trying me best everyday to improve, and I know I can through Christ our Lord. ¡Ciao!

Keep on keepin on,

Elder Wilcox

Pic: Its true humility to send a sopping-wet-right-after-the-rain picture. This is how we look. Not too guapo, but can still teach a lesson!

Other Pic: This is a few weeks old, but it´s when we got transfer calls and found out we were all gonna stay together!

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