Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Family reunion and giving thanks (Nov 30)

What an incredible week it has been! INDREDIBLE, I tell ya.

Most everything was going normal until friday. Just good old working hard and moving the work along. But Elder Stuarts Papi (trainer), Elder Christensen, was made a traveling assistant pretty recently! And if you´re wondering, Elder Stuart is my Papi (even though I´m done with my training now), so that means Elder Christensen is my abuelo, hence the subjec line ¨family reunion¨. He is such an AMAZING missionary.

Friday Elder Christensen and his comp came to do a three day division with us. Elder Christensen came with us and his comp, Elder Furtado, went with Elder Donnelly and Estrada. So the pench that is crowded with four Elders had six for a few days..... Anyway, the weekend was just so good. With him, I kinda realized ¨What am I doing? I could be doing SO much better!¨ At contacting, at teaching, at being confident. He really helped us make a jump on our ├ínimo. We found 5 new investigators, 3 of which are VERY promising and seem so ready to accept the Gospel. Just this morning on the bus, I talked to three people, and gave out the new xmas cards we missionaries have. (BTW. Spanish report: the castellano is coming along very nicely! Elder Christensen said that I speak really really fluently!)

Elder Christensen also taught us a lot on teaching lesson 1, the Restoration. Simpler is better. So much better. PMG says It´s true intelligence to take something complicated and simplify it so that a child can understand. Or so an Argentine can understand. We put that into play, and after one lesson I saw a HUGE difference, in the spirit during the lesson, in the understanding of the investigator, etc. Seriously, my tesimony just grew right up this week. Plus being with my papi and abuelo was SO FUN. We really did get along great. I give more thanks for all these experiences every day. I would never trade this mission for anything. Nothing. I´m missing my family, yes, but it is so worth it. I will look back on these good times forever.

Funny story of the week: the members we live with have a dog, a really friendly pitbull named Leona. Somehow she got in the pench during the night, and snuggled right up to Elder Christensen who was sleeping on the ground. I heard this terrible licking sound and woke up. I thought it was my comp, but it was her, and I could smell her BAD, she was wet from the rain. She was busy licking my abuelos elbow! He never woke up, but I had to do the right thing and grab her and banish her from the pench. Funny stuff.

Love you all! Excited for diciembre to finally start! Goodbye have a great week.

Love Elder Wilcox

Pic: our family reunion. My papi and abuelo are much buffer than I......

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