Saturday, February 13, 2016

However long and hard the road (Feb 8)

Hola Hola,

This week has been another whirlwind! So many things to say! Well, I can summarize it in one word: VICTORY. Victory in staying positive, victory against Satan, victory in our numbers, victory we had a BAPTISM, victory I can´t name it all it´s so awesome!

Let´s start on saturday! Saturday was the baptism of cute little Alejo, our investigator, son of Walter and Mirta. They would´ve gotten baptized as well, but Mirta´s divorce papers still aren´t in, and they have to get married :/ But the baptism went AWESOME. First baptism I´ve had that some people actually showed up to! Elder Campos and I went early in the morning to the church to kick the futbol around the gym, and then do our studies while the font was filling. Takes forever, like three hours. We tried to turn on the water heater, but it´s rough, and anyway who WANTS hot water with all this heat? We just had a great great experience. I got the privilege of baptizing him, in that rich delectable cold water. The next day at church, Elder Campos confirmed him, and gave him the sweetest little blessing that he can grow to be an example for his family. I think my favorite part was after the baptism, changing in the baƱo, and Alejo´s two less active older brothers walked in and were crying and gave him a hug. That made it worth it for me.

Well transfer calls came, and I predicted correctly that I am out of Castillo....which is so sad for me. BUT, I am headed out to the zone of Lujan, in an area called General Rodriguez, which I think is a biking area (?) There are only a few in the mission. Well all of Lujan is what they call ¨campo¨ (field), so there´ll be lots of space which I love! I will be the senior comp of an Elder Cortes, that´ll definitely bring in some new adventures. But I don´t think I will have another Utah elder to talk to :(, I will definitely miss Elders Campos, Estrada, and McCardell.

I got up to bear my testimony in church yesterday, and right before I got up the bishop cut me off, and said ¨we´re gonna give the time to Elder Wilcox, his transfer is up tomorrow and will probably be leaving.¨ In my mind I was like ¨wateryoudoing??¨ haha, we are really close with the bishop and his family. But he only did that because he knows I don´t like attention all that much. After that, everyone was asking me to come see them, kinda uncomfortable, mostly because I have no time :(

Anyway, twas a great great ending to a transfer and my life in Rafael Castillo! Love you all!

Elder Wilcox

Me and Alejo!
This transfer´s last district! We got Elder M and I (utah), elder campos (chile), E estrada (Guatemala), and H Dos Santos (brasil), and H Alvarez (spain).

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