Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Out of the frying pan, into the fire

(10 points for a J.R.R. Tolkien quote)

During transfers at the church with all the missionaries getting transferred, I already knew the name of my new comp: Elder Cortes. I ran up to him and was like ¨Dude, we´re comps!¨ Gave him a hug and stuff. He looked at me weird and said, ¨umm no I´m a trainer...¨ I said, ¨No you´re not, you´re with me. Let´s go!¨ Turns out, there are two Elder Cortes in the mission. Haha silly me. Doesn´t help that in the Latino world there´s only about 10 last names and 5 first names.

What a long but wonderful week! Things have definitely changed. I am in my new area of General Rodriguez A, which is HUGE HUGE HUGE. It´s like 4, maybe 5 times as big as Castillo! We have bikes, but they are ancient and we´ve only ridden them once in my first week here because they break a lot, and the guy at the ¨bicicletería¨ doens´t do a great job! The pench is another pench of four!!! Wooh, I´m glad about that. Another bonus is that I´m living with my old pal Elder Donnelly again! His comp is Elder Mattinson from Boston. They are both awesome. The pench is good, really quite hot, but I guess they all are.

Elder Cortes, my new comp, is a total capo. Overall a phenomenal missionary. He is from Chile, just finished his training, and is a super hard worker. First thing he told me when me met was, ¨Ok, we have a baptism on saturday, and many more to come...¨ I was kinda blown away but it´s true, with such a big area there are lots of people and lots of potential.

The people here are still just awesome Argentines! But in my week here so far, lots more people have commented on my eyes. EVERYONE points out how my eyes are different. I´ve been asked a lot on the mish if I am German, but everyone here just points out my eyes. Or how I am a yankee, or don´t speak their language haha. I never think of myself as THAT different, but the way they talk here you´d think I was a total clown or one of Floop´s Fooglies or something like that.

We are in a ¨branch¨, and I don´t know about the rest of you, but I always thought of a branch as a tiny group of 10 meeting in a house. But this branch is BIG, wayyyy bigger than the ward in Castillo. It´s like....almost-a-Utah-ward big. They meet in a big beautiful chapel with a lots of space. It´s awesome. Elder Cortes, Mattinson, and I gave talks yesterday at church. I talked about peace and how we can acheive it through perseverance and hope. I talked about my Aunt Misti and how she is a wonderful example to me. Misti I hope that´s ok, didn´t really ask permission ;)

Also, the baptism was great! Super strong spirit. We were waiting for one of the speakers to show up, so I led a bunch of hymns while we waited. Elder Cortes baptized a wonderful old man named Edgardo. Him and his wife will be awesome members.

Anyway, there is tons to write about (like always) but gotta get. I´m super stoked about this new area! We will have fun. Make sure to say your prayers everybody! And be chaste for goodness sake.

Love you, Elder Wilcox

Pic: Edgardo and his wife Graciela at their baptism
Pic: Satan checks under his bed at night for...Elder Wilcox haha

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