Monday, February 1, 2016

The Gospel

Fellow disciples,

Have any of you ever sat down to write an email? And you had so many incredible things to say, and you didn´t really know which ones to put in your email? I´m sorry to say I am suffering from that today. If only I could sit down with all who are willing and sip some Argentine maté, and tell you firsthand what being a missionary means to ME, then you might believe me. It´s a terrible shame we can´t do that, but here goes. I haven´t much more time today.....

This coming week is the last of the transfer. President basically told me in person I will be leaving. I am starting to brace myself for the call to leave Rafael Castillo, but I don´t want to! I LOVE THIS PLACE. I mean yeah, it smells, the dog population triples that of humans (one of which bit me this week..on the shoe dont worry), there´s plenty of drugs and worldy nastiness, but I couldn´t be happier!

Elder Campos is the greatest companion ever! He´s a real Chileno hoot, he can sure make me laugh. We are working like house elves over here, breaking number barriers and teaching more lessons than ever! This week we got a reference in an area that we don´t usually go to...because it´s pretty destitute and the chances are high of you getting robbed. For that I didn´t want to go all that bad. But we went and taught one of the best lessons in all my time here! Not that we taught, of course, it was the Spirit that did that. But so awesome, a familia named Rios, they are so ready to accept the Gospel in their lives. I could talk on and on about them.

The ward called Hermano Farfan to teach Gospel Principles in church, so we aren´t doing it anymore! That is a real bummer, because teaching that class was one of my favorite parts of all the Sundays! Getting into a real gospel discussion, where everyone is interested, brings the spirit so strong, and then we get taught! To paraphrase Elder Holland: ¨Really, if you recieve not the spirit, you SHALL NOT teach. Not you won´t teach much, or it´ll be pretty shoddy teaching. You SHALL NOT teach. We must pray to have the spirit with us!¨

I´m telling ya: READING THE BOOK OF MORMON WORKS. It´s that simple. Reading with a sincere heart equals repentance! Oh the things we learn from that book, and the things my investigators are learning. Sometimes, I just want to smack ´em on the head when they dont read.

Argentines are so funny. Some just love to bring up the war that the USA had with Mexico and ¨stole all their land.¨ They say that and then scowl at me as if it was my fault. Also, for not liking the states much, all the little boys REALLY like Capitan America. I dont know why I find that funny. Other random American things that are insanely popular here: the Simpsons, Coldplay, the Walking Dead, Whitney Houston, Jim Carrey, Hellmann´s mayonnaise, and a legion of others. It´s hilarious, everyone thinks that all americans lives revolve around these things. It´s just exasperating telling everyone, ¨Well yeah, I guess Hellmann´s is alright but...(?)¨

Congrats to Whitney Wilcox for arriving home safely! So happy for you dood!

It´s leviOsa, not levioSA.

Sending love from Elder Wilcox, have a wonderful week! Keep the prophet in your prayers!

Pic: Mission Handbook: don´t keep pets of any kind.;) Just kidding, she´s not ours, just comes in uninvited all the time.

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