Saturday, October 15, 2016

Better Late Than Never

Yesterday was one of those blessed ¨feriado¨ days here in Arg. They have ¨holidays¨ allll the time, which means no one works and everything shuts down! So we just went to atalaya instead to play futbol! It´s very humbling to be me and play soccer against all Latinos....

It´s been a whirlwind of a week! Truly, the Lord is hastening is work. I don´t know where to start ha. We had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR divisions this week! Lots and lots of them. Divisions for me are the best. It is a great opportunity to be able to know the missionary a little better specifically, and also to learn from one another. I went to switch on monday night (which almost NEVER happens) with Elder Smellie from Preston, ID and he is in Castillo. I was BORN there, it was so cool to go back there and be in town for at least a few hours. He is in a different area than I was, but I saw a member family from the ward there and they were super stoked to see me, and me to see them! They have a daughter who just got called to Mexico! Missions are the coolest thing ever! I was there to do a baptism interview and that went well. Tuesday we came back to our area and had divisions with Elder Porter from AZ and Elder Maycock also from AZ. President Robertson has made a new thing with divisions between district leaders and zone leaders. Instead of having one companionship in one area and in another, both companionships are in the area of the zone leaders. I know that is is just boring facts for most of you, but it´s kinda extra pressure for us as we strive to make our area a ¨model¨ area, as recorded in the missionary handbook.

Just know that I am so grateful for all that I have learned from other Elder´s this week. Sometimes we have to stop teaching an investigator for their lack of progression. Some may say that we weren´t ready, or not prepared, or not humble enough. While that mayyyy be true, it may also be that WE are not the right missionaries for that person. God knows what he is doing. Something that caught my attention in #LDSconf2016 is that ¨God and his son Jesus are keepers of their promises.¨ I think that Christ´s atonement is sufficient to meet our needs, and more. I understand that the atonement was created for people just like you, and people just like me. we are the mold, and the living water of Christ fits perfectly to fit each one of us. Also, the word REMEMBER (or ¨recordar¨ in spanish) has come to more meaning to me. All that we do is to better remember Christ! May we always remember these things, for the Lord God has declared them. (Mosíah 2:41)

Elder Wilcox sending love!

Me on divisions with Elder Blosfeld, from Brasil! Capo
Me on the bus, or colectivo, this morning. It was empty!

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