Monday, October 17, 2016

Good Air

Hola Hola,

Things are still cooking here in ¨Good Air¨. That´s funny that this place´s name translates to that. On my list of words to describe the air here in the mission, ¨good¨ would be pretty much be smack dab on the bottom. Speaking of air, it´s definitely heating up here! Summer, and all of it´s sweatyness, has just about arrived. Pure humidity, my friends. Pure humidity. I sure am blessed to have an apartment that is clean and small and has a good shower! What luck. I know all of you northerners are gearing up for winter, you lucky ducks.

This week we finished our divisions, finally! We have been two or more divisions for pretty much the past 5 weeks. We have ONE week to work together! It´s gonna be great. I worked with Elder Udall and Elder Gygi, both from Arizona, this week. They are great Elders. One thing that Elder Gygi helped me realize is to be always looking toward the future, at a bigger perspective. I had some decent plans down for the day. We walked and walked. Talked and talked. With other people, that is. But all of the appointments I had made that day pretty much went through. I guess I might´ve been showing it too much that I was somewhat stressed. Near the end of the day, Elder Gygi reminded me we had given away like 5 book of mormons (books of mormon?) and done much good. We had found other people for other areas, and passed along the reference. His good sense put me at ease, thanks Elder Gygi!

I´m out of time, I will see you all next week! Listen to conference, looking for ways to apply it!

Elder Wilcox

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