Saturday, October 15, 2016

Moroni 8:26 (sent Sep 26)

Hello everyone!

This week we finished out strong for september! We had a baptism on saturday, we were soooooo happy about it! Anastacia, she is a little 9 year old. She personifies this scripture in Moroni! I love that little girl and her family! She´ll melt your heart, whether you understand castellano or not. She is the daughter of a less active woman and a non member man! We are working closely now with her dad. They invited TONS of people and it was great! One thing Argentina really knows how to do is throw a party. Any party at all. For birthdays, baptisms, anything. It´s kinda funny.

CumpleaƱos are a flippin religion here in the Latino world! People give us that excuse alllll the time for being gone or not coming to church! ¨I was at a birthday party!¨ You could say anything at all....¨hey you didn´t show up for your college exam¨ (for example). ¨i was at a birthday party.¨ ¨oh...fair enough.¨

We are now working with many people here in Tablada that are close to being baptized! There are just soooo many that aren´t married. Just about 99% of people don´t get married. It is sad. And really complicated, legally, to get married. That is a barrier that sometimes creates the ¨eternal investigators¨. One person we are working with is Denise. She is the aunt of two recent converts, Lucas and Milagros, who are siblings. She is GREAT, she knows so much about God and his plan for us! But...she hasn´t been to church yet. ¨Come and See¨ said the savior. I know that the Gospel changes lives!

No more time. Prepare yourselves for instruction from the great Mediador! General Conference is gonna be great! Cross the fingers that we´ll find it in english somewhere!

Elder Wilcox

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