Monday, October 3, 2016

Wasn´t Conference the best???

Greetings, my friends from the other side.....of the equator!

How is it up in the northern hemisphere? Things down here are definitely warming up here down south, just in time for the holidays! It´s that weird spring weather right now. Some days it´s REALLY HOT, like summer. I sweat and my collar gets uncomfortably hot and tight, like unto a dish. And other days it is cold and windy and rains.

I haven´t much time, so I will just finish my scoop about conference. It was SOOO good. We watched it in our Bishop´s house, the first session on the porch because he wasn´t home (we couldn´t go in) and then we watched it in the house after that. We had a part member family with us part of the time! We were all drinking maté celestial, something delicious and probably unique to arg! I loved conference so much! Conference in Spanish is a joy and a privilege. I loved all the things I learned and will now go forward to always be better and make my sunday worship more sincere!

Gotta go, sorry! Have a great week!

Elder Wilcox

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