Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Christmas Cockroaches

Hello and Merry Christmas my friends and family!

Let´s see if I can get the lyrics right to this Argentine christmas carol: ¨Old trash burning on an open fire. The bad stench nipping at your nose. Tiny rats, with their eyes all a´glow, will find a lot to eat tonight.¨ 

Haha just kidding, we are having a wonderful time here in the great BAO mission! They have really cracked down on ¨things of this world¨ here. For example, a few months ago they took out meetings of more than six missionaries, besides zone conferences. So pretty much, no more p-day futbol. There is too much traveling involved, and they want the Elders to be ready to work by 6 o clock on mondays. We are just doing the most we can to simply ¨Teach repentance and baptize converts.¨  Last year, as a mission we went to the temple, and afterwards had a big mission gathering thing for the day. This year, temple trips for missionaries have also been banned, and instead of activities and what-not, we are just baptizing. Isn´t that great?? Truly there is a spirit of consecration and hard work. I love it. 

Well, I´d better tell my cockroach story before anything happens.
So the other night, I slept on the floor because my bed frame is broken and lame and hurts my back sometimes. So I´m just having a wonderful, perfect, rest-filled night. Just sleeping away. When all of a sudden, this huge, ipod nano sized cockroach climbs onto my neck. I was asleep, I had no idea. But that may have been my downfall. In my sleep, I grabbed that cockroach and started rubbing in in my fingers like you might rub a blanket or pillow! Well, that poor cockroach died that night. I was about 98% asleep, and sometime in that murderous rage, I realized what was in my fingers might not be the average booger. So I let it go, woke up immediately and looked with the light of my cell phone. I almost barfed. Needless to say, I didn´t sleep much after that. Partly for guilt of killing that little guy, and partly for fear of killing others. 

Well, sorry for being graphic, but that´s my story today. Need I mention the mosquitoes at night? They come and buzz in my ears! It´s like a soft, angelic whistle. It´s quite beautiful actually. 

We are doing fantastic! Here in Villa Amelia, we will be having two baptisms on friday, and they will be confirmed on christmas day! One is Agustin, a 12 year old boy whose brother is also a member. He was somewhat confused about the word of wisdom at first, but we explained that the physical health always has to do with the spiritual health. He is totally ready now. The other is Miguel. He has been investigating long before I got here. He has had a long hard battle with quitting the drink. But he has stopped and is getting baptized. His convert recent family is so happy and I am so happy for them! They are the Salas family. Just imagine the mom as Grandma Dets. And Miguel as little hermano Manolo in the Timp Meadows ward. That´s what they look like to me haha. 

May we all remember that Christmas is a time to reflect on how we are doing on God´s mandate to serve him. (Mos. 2:17) 

I love this Gospel and my time as a missionary! Jaren, Whitney, Shaylee, I hope this year you were UN-deserving of the potato that you will undoubtedly recieve in your stocking! Look for Santa´s note with that super weird square handwriting!

Love from Elder Wilcox

photo from Luis´s baptism!
this is the new pench crew. Elders Sales, Newton, and Jimenez.

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