Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Christmas Time


Greetings from Villa Amelia! What a crazy week. But aren´t they all?

My new companion is fantastic. Elder Sales is a great great missionary. I sure have been blessed with some good comps. I am grateful that he is latino! I haven´t had a latino companion for about 9 months now, and it is fun to get back into the groove of things and speak spanish all the time, not withstanding my language weaknesses! I am living in a pench of four. Also haven´t had that in a long time. The other two are Elder Newton from Nevada, and Elder Jimenez from Mexico. Elder Jimenez is just starting his mission, so it is super funny hearing him learning all of the ¨argentine lingo¨ I guess you could say. Argentines and Mexicans sure speak differently. 

This week we were seriously just swamped with business and work and lessons and interviews and on and on. We had a baptism on saturday! His name is Luis. Luis Paniagua. It´s funny because his last name is literally ¨bread and water¨ in english. He sure has a strong testimony of the sacrament. 

Sorry about the shortness! Gotta go.

Elder WIlcox

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