Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Who made man's mouth?


I´d like to start my message today with some verses I found from the Totally Rad version of the scriptures...
Ether 1:37--¨And it came to pass that the brother of Jaren did cry unto the Lord, and the Lord had compassion on him and his companion also, that they were not sunburned.¨ 
Genesis 3:19--¨In the sweat of thy face thou shalt teach thy lessons, till thou return unto Utah...¨
D y C 110:3--¨The sun was as a flame of fire; the watch tanline on his wrist was white like the pure snow, his countenance shone above the brightness of the sun, and he wished he had the rushing of great waters...¨ 

Needless to say, it is very warm here indeed 😨

Well, I come with announcements this week. Transfers came! I actually found out about them only a few minutes ago. But it appears that I will be leaving the beloved ward of La Tablada! I will be going out to a zone called Castelar, in the area called Villa Amelia! I am so excited to be going there. I will be comps with the Elder Sales from Brasil. They are having great success over there. I have loved my time here in Tablada and wish I could stay a little more, but I am ready for the challenges ahead in Castelar. I will grow a lot I am in my spanish! Elder Sales will be my first latino comp in about 9 months. 

This week was great. Just a hard working classic week. Elder Texiera (Seventy-Area Presidency) has challenged us all to stay focused and baptize every week during december! We have JUMPED forward so high and so much in response to this challenge! It´s incredible how much you can acheive with high goals and an elevated vision. Haha me and my last companion, Elder Ortolano, used to sing a song ¨High goals make you work¨ to the tune of ¨Love is an open door¨. It was awesome and speaks the truth. 

I had some good learning experiences whiles studying this week. In the church, there has always been, and always will be much learning and much teaching. Both of those happen by the Spirit. There is always a need to ¨train¨, to help others be and teach like the Savior. Positions in the church change all the time to teach us that it is NOT us that teach! ¨If you recieve not the Spirit, ye shall not teach.¨ (DyC 42:14) Might I add we shall not learn if we don´t have the Spirit! All we must do is testify of what we know and invite others to do the same. (DyC 88:121-122) ¨Freely ye have recieved,¨ said the Savior, ¨freely give.....for it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.¨ (Matthew 10:8,20) I think that sometimes we mistake fear and doubt for humility when we turn down assignments or callings to teach. Then not only do we deny our priviledge to teach by the Spirit, but also to learn by the Spirit. (Alma 1:26) Who made man´s mouth? God did! We must trust in him in everything we do. I have loved to see this principle and apply it in the mission and my testimony! Anyone can light the world with their light! #iluminarelmundo

Well, keep at it everybody. Remember that Elder Wilcox keeps you in his prayers! 

Elder Wilcox

us with Luciano (investigator) and his dad
us with Amy (recent convert) and her little cousin Alma

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